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Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Does An About-face On Linux Technology

by janeausten
Former Microsoft CEO Ballmer Does An About-face On Linux Technology

Former Microsoft Corp. MSFT.O Chief Executive Steve Ballmer has modified his stance on Linux after labelling it a “cancer” fifteen years ago. Ballmer told a magazine that the approach was appropriate at the time but that Linux’s threat was now “in the rearview mirror.”

Microsoft is currently changing its anti-Linux stance:

Microsoft’s prior declaration that a Linux-compatible version of its SQL Server database software will offer for purchase shows that the company is changing its anti-Linux stance. According to Steve Balmer, the firm made a tonne of money by winning that battle. The company’s revenue stream has “been extremely significant to the company’s position with its own Windows operating system.”

He expressed his passion for the announcement, which drove him to email Satya Nadella, the current CEO, to express his support. And did continue to discuss disclosure, a point he had made at Microsoft’s shareholder meeting in December. Suggested that Microsoft provide its enterprise software, hardware, cloud revenue and profit.

Balmer Remarks On Nadella Tenure:

In January 2000, shortly before technology stocks started to see a multiyear decline, Ballmer assumed control of Microsoft. Between Ballmer’s appointment and the news of his resignation in 2013, Microsoft shares lost more than 40% of their value.

Shares have increased by more than 50% since Nadella assumed leadership in February 2014. Ballmer saw Nadella’s tenure overall as positive, attributing a portion of the shift in market attitude to the simple fact that a new executive was in charge. He believed that “personality transformation leads to market perception shift.”

Balmer Relationship with Bill Gates:

Like many modern relationships, the billionaire bromance between Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer ended because one spent too much time on a smartphone. Bill Gates and he are no longer close, he said, adding that the two “have gone our different routes.”

Possible Reason about His Optimistic Attitudes:

Yoga, a hobby Ballmer, known for his ferocious oratory, claimed he had picked up since leaving Microsoft, may help to explain his upbeat outlook.

He continued you have plenty of time to exercise, meditate, and relax. It’s a great thing to do.

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