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9 Top Benefits Of Developing An IPTV App In 2023

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Everybody loves the ease and convenience of watching TV via the internet these days. But, not every exclusive event or a viewer’s favorite show is available on the internet. This is where IPTV apps come into play, leveraging users to access the content of their choice anywhere, anytime. 

 In this article, you’ll learn about what IPTV is and the various benefits that come with developing an app for it. 

What is IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television, popularly known as IPTV is a service that lets viewers watch their favorite video content on any device in real-time, instead of traditional services rendered through fiber-optic cables or radio-waves. 

To watch any IPTV video content on televisions, viewers need to install a set-top box or a customer-premise equipment, with an IPTV app installed.

Whereas, to watch videos on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, viewers will just need an IPTV app installed on their device, along with a suitable plan subscribed if applicable. 

IPTV Apps: Market Trends And Statistics

According to recent studies, the IPTV app development sector is rising in a steady upward trend. With a boasting CAGR of 17.89%, the IPTV market is set to take a giant leap to over 194.21 billion USD by 2026. While the numbers are increasing, the entertainment industry is simultaneously experiencing a paradigm shift from traditional broadcasting to internet-based streaming, directly pointing to IPTV as a primary reason.

Adding to this is the convenient availability of the internet at a cheaper cost.  The internet consumption behavior is said to have increased drastically in the Asia-Pacific, European and American users, due to easy access to high-quality internet. Consequently, the statistics also show that there are hikes in video experiences across these continents. It is identified that almost 90% of internet usage in an average household is solely due to streaming video content. 

These figures are undoubtedly signifying the rise in the number of IPTV users. And if you are a developer or a business that’s planning to develop an IPTV app, here are the perks you’ll achieve, moving ahead with the development process. 

Top Benefits of IPTV App Development

Apart from a good revenue figure and a huge user base, developing an IPTV app comes with loaded benefits. Here we’ve list the best of them:

1. Does Not Require A Dedicated Network Infrastructure

IPTV primarily uses the internet to transmit data. To deliver these data signals, the app does not require any exclusive network set up to run on user devices. The user’s internet connection is sufficient to stream videos on your app. This makes the app installation easy and cost-effective for both development and consumption.  

2. Monetizing via Advertisements

Advertisements are yet another advantage to earn a profit through your IPTV app. You can design ads or place advertiser content as pre-rolled or video ads between your video content. Thereby, you can charge the advertisers to run their campaigns on your apps. On the other hand, you may also set up an ad-free pricing plan, through which users can choose to pay you for an ad-free video experience. 

3. Robust Security  

While developing an IPTV app sounds exciting as it is, you’ll have a huge responsibility of building an extremely secure infrastructure. Thanks to the AES encryption protocol that ciphers every video data transmitted through the internet using its  128-bit, 192-bit or 256-bit keys. This rock-solid security ensures that no third-party can access or steal the content. 

4. Access Personalized Content  

When it comes to entertainment, each viewer has his/ her own personal favorites. Also, the choice of  content may vary in terms of demography, age and language. IPTV solves these demands with the sophistication of setting up content personalization or adding them to watchlists. By default, the IPTV apps categorize its constituent content in varied categories, making it easy for user access. 

5. Unlimited Source Of Content

When you develop an IPTV, it expands your opportunity to deliver any number of content and in any variety. Be it a music video, game streaming, movies, series, tutorials or documentaries, you can build an extensive library of assorted videos. 

6. Media broadcasting 

Live Broadcasts and Video-On-Demand (VOD) has been on the rise since the advent of IPTV apps. You can allow users to subscribe to their favorite channels and get notified on their favorite shows, increasing engagement and retention on your apps. 

7. Pay-per-view charges

When you develop an IPTV app, you can easily generate revenue by charging your users for accessing exclusive content. For instance, broadcasting a live event like world-cup tournaments is a one-time experience that fans get to celebrate. To the one who cannot witness the game in person, you can avail live streams for a moderate fee. 

8. Easy to Access Content 

Back in the days, viewers could only watch shows and programmes that were broadcasted at stipulated time. When the content was missed, there was no way for viewers to get access to the telecasted content. Whereas, an IPTV app has shows and channels with programs stored in them. They can be accessed anytime and anywhere by the users, and on any device. 

9. Periodic Subscription Invoice

You can also personalize your app and avail premium content to your users. This way, when a user accesses this content, you can charge them on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, generating an invoice for the consumption. 


Beyond doubt, IPTV apps are quickly becoming the best way for people to enjoy their favorite video shows and programs. And we are hopeful that you’ll be able to achieve all of the above mentioned benefits with your app, by incorporating the IPTV solutions available in the market. 

Found this article helpful? Leave a feedback in the comments below and we’ll get back to you with yet another interesting article soon. Happy developing! 

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