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The Popular Varieties Of Sake Many People Love

by janeausten

Sake is a popular alcoholic beverage of Japanese origin that has earned global recognition over the last few decades. With many Japanese restaurants serving Sake with Sushi and other authentic Japanese delicacies, this beverage has become one of the most demanded and loved ones.

From the USA to Africa, this rice-made beverage has won the hearts of millions with its subtle taste and tantalizing flavor. The best part about this beverage remains that you can pair it with any variety of food, even a Pizza. The list of sake varieties available online remains varied.

Apart from the popular Dassai sake, you will find a plethora of other alternatives in the list. The basic ingredients for making these varieties generally remain the same while the process differs altering the taste and flavor. Here is a list of the most popular alternatives of sake.


One of the purest sake varieties, Junmai gets its flavor from polished rice, water, yeast, and koji. The manufacturers of pure and authentic Junmai sake never mix distilled alcohol to make varying flavors.

Every bottle of Junmai sake remains pure and naturally flavorful. For making Junmai Ginjo, 40% milled rice gets mixed with 60% polished rice of its original size.


Ginjo is another popular variety of sake made of rice. The rice polishing requirements remain the same for Ginjo and Junmai. However, for Ginjo, the producers add a specific amount of distilled alcohol for different flavors.

Millions of people across the globe love the multiple flavors of Ginjo sake which is another authentic Japanese-brewed beverage variety.


Be it Jumnai, Ginjo, or Daiginjo sake, fermentation remains the primary process for making each. For making premium quality sake, perfect fermentation is always a must. Varieties like Junmai and Ginjo get their characteristic taste and flavor from this process.

However, for Daiginjo, the manufacturers mix a little amount of distilled alcohol to lend this sake its unique taste and flavor.


Honjozo is another popular sake variety loved by people across the world. In Japan, it is one of the most demanded varieties of sake.

As far as its unique taste and flavor remain concerned, a combination of perfect fermentation of polished rice retaining 70% of its original size, and a small amount of alcohol does the trick.

While the fermentation process for this variety resembles the method of Junmai fermentation, the addition of alcohol follows the Ginjo production method.


For most sake varieties, the polishing ratio of 70% remains the norm. However, for Futsu, this ratio remains flexible. Additionally, the freedom to add a small amount of distilled alcohol rests in the hands of the manufacturer. Therefore, a few varieties of Futsu may contain distilled alcohol while some might lack the same.

Besides the popular varieties mentioned above, there remain several more alternatives like Nigori, Sparkling, Tokubetsu, Genshu, Kimoto, Infused, Yamahai, etc. depending on your personal preferences, you can choose a purely fermented variety of the one with a little mix of distilled alcohol.

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