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Reasons for Guest blogging

by janeausten
Guest blogging

The amazing power of guest blogging, a practice that started many years ago, when marketing was still a friend and ally unknown to everyone, the competition was ridiculous and we did not know what the financial difficulties were. A world where standing was not difficult and positioning was a piece of cake. But times have changed. What was not done before is now done twice or thrice and what started as “four miscounted cats” is done on a large scale.

And here we are talking about guest blogging, which is a very old technique but which, as always, has not been given the weight or relevance it deserves until a few have achieved results. 

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging or content sharing. Well yes, it is nothing more than that, exchanging posts, articles, or any content you can imagine from another online blog. This will be a quick and abstract definition, but guest blogging is so much more.

It’s composing for others and getting others to compose for you, it’s building a network of connections through posts, and distributing links to your industry on various websites to boost your industry’s position. That is, building lasting and stable relationships with other industries in your company.

 Sector (you never know when you’ll assist an ally, friend, or collaborator). It is to create interesting and relevant content in other blogs to identify yourself not only as a company but also as a professional in the field. In short, guest blogging is a practice of getting the most out of your content so that it gets the recognition it deserves.

The Big “BUT” of Guest Blogging

However, as many times, there is a bit. But of… “Does the guest blogging strategy work? “It’s all out there, you’ll find industries that will say yes and others that will say no, therefore, you must Figure out if it will work for you.

However, this technique is a bit more complicated than it was 5 years ago. I will tell you a personal story as a content manager so that you can see how this technique has spread as I told you in the beginning.

5 years ago I worked in a startup, a very small company (so small that we were 3 people), and I was dedicated to the composing part, so many days I approached different industries for guest blogging support. And it worked great for me. Because I publish on five different sites every month about the startup I worked at and these industries did the same in the blog I have. A disinterested collaboration in which we all achieved success with link-building techniques.

Benefits of Guest Blogging

Although it has its “buts”, guest blogging is very positive for your organization, especially if you operate in the B2B sector, which is more complex and difficult to position than other sectors. Let’s be honest, how many people are passionate about software, and how many about fashion? Numbers cannot be compared. However, guest blogging will provide you with a series of benefits and advantages which we will see below.

Improve your SEO positioning

Having direct links to your website and mentioning your industry on other websites undoubtedly helps you improve your site’s positioning in search engines. Remember, the more links there are, the more likely you are to get indexed and end up on the first page.

Various authors

Feature different authors on your blog and improve your brand reputation by having posts from experts and experts in your field.

Increase your followers in networks.

Thanks to guest blogging support, your post will be promoted not only to your networks but also to the posts of others, increasing its visibility, as well as awareness of your brand and it’s so you can increase your followers.

Increase networking.

You’ll meet people, you’ll talk to other professionals in the field, and you’ll move into an environment similar to yours that can lead to very profitable collaborations.

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