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How to Prepare For a Poodle Puppy: Tips to Follow

by janeausten

If you are looking for a smart and elegant canine companion, look no further than the curly-haired poodle. Though sometimes stereotyped as a sissy dog, the poodle is one of the most athletic dogs you will ever meet. They also have a sunny disposition and a wonderful sense of humor, no wonder the poodle is among the most popular dog breeds in America.

Standard poodle puppies in Travelers Rest, SC, have repeatedly proven themselves to be awesome family dogs that never fail to impress. Raising a poodle pup is rewarding but also hard work, so make sure you are adequately prepared before you welcome one into your home.

  • Home preparation to welcome your furry friend

Just like bringing home a human baby, you will want to be prepared for your poodle puppy’s arrival. Before the big day, shop for everything your puppy will need, including food and water bowls, high-quality puppy food, a soft bed, a crate, chew toys, and a leash. You will also need to purchase grooming tools and brush your poodle daily to keep their fur from matting.

Once you are ready to welcome your standard poodle puppies in your home at Travelers Rest SC, you should prepare your home and make it homely for your puppy. Keep all electrical cords, cleaning supplies, prescription drugs, poisonous plants, and other loose items out of reach; otherwise, the poodle will eat and chew. You should also prevent access to restricted areas of the home, such as stairs and certain rooms.

  • Create a schedule for your standard poodle puppy

Routine is key to successful puppy rearing. The more consistent your schedule is, the faster your poodle puppy will adapt to a new environment. So if you have multiple family members, they must be all on the same page.

Standard poodle puppies’ breeder in Travelers Rest, SC, says that if everyone in your home is working or attending school full-time, you should consider hiring a Wag. A dog walker that does not interfere with your dog’s toilet training. Remember that young puppies need to go potty first thing in the morning, after every meal, after a nap, and before bedtime. You should also schedule a grooming appointment for your poodle. This gorgeous, hypoallergenic coat should be trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Bottom Line: What to expect in the first week

If you are planning to buy a standard poodle puppy in Travelers Rest, SC, your first week will be an intense adjustment period for the whole family, especially for your four-legged new member. Spend as much time with your puppy as he learns the house rules, but it also takes him as long to figure it out. Poodles are very intelligent and thrive on mental stimulation. So be sure to give your puppy toys, exercise, and get him involved in family activities. You can become a parent to a shaggy poodle puppy by obtaining the proper knowledge.

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