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5 Most Common NDIS Payments Mistakes And Ways To Avoid Them

by janeausten
NDIS pricing arrangements

It’s easier to make some mistakes when processing and invoicing NDIS payments. From knowing the things that need GST to support item reference numbers, a lot of double-checking is needed before you submit the invoice. In return, this will drastically reduce your workload and improve your cash flow, not forgetting to decrease your stress levels. 

Let’s look at some of the common NDIS payment mistakes to avoid. 

Wrong item codes and funding categories

You should specify support item reference numbers and descriptions when billing for any service. While this might appear simple, remember the code might vary depending on the day and time that services were available. Other factors, such as working in a remote area, can also impact the codes and categories. 

When creating the invoice, the NDIS financial plan management software can automatically deploy the category descriptions and codes allocated to the services. You can check out the available categories, together with the NDIS pricing arrangements, at the Support Catalogue. The NDIS software can help you automate this procedure. 

Not providing the correct dates of the services offered

While it would make invoicing faster, you can’t invoice for a set number of hours every time. Each time you offer a service, you must add new lines to the invoice with the correct dates. While you are not technically needed to add time, it is a good move, particularly since the price limits vary for daytime and evening offers. Ensure to record whenever you offer a service. A digital record will help avoid problems like writing the wrong time or customers disputing the dates. 

Surpassing the NDIS price limit

Invoicing too much for items is not only a guaranteed way to have the invoice declined, but it’s also a nightmare for financial planning. After you get paid, you will get less than you asked for, and you might need to revise your profitability levels or reduce some expenses. Alternatively, undercharging will make you lose some income. That is why you should use an updated support catalogue and evaluate how the price limits evolve according to time, date, location, and other aspects. If you’re invoicing manually, ensure to counter-check to determine you are invoicing the right price.  

Exceeding clients’ funds

Surpassing a customer’s funds can lead to unbillable hours. If you add them to your invoice, your whole invoice will be declined. On the other hand, underusing the funds isn’t also good. That’s because the client doesn’t get all the services they are entitled to, and your revenue stream is reduced. Having a close track of the customer’s plan and forecasting their usage will assist you in making the most of their money without overspending it. For customers with several funds, keep them separate to avoid surpassing one while underusing the other. This helps you to create a balance. 

Not claiming the NDIS Funds in bulk

Invoicing is a time-consuming and daunting task. However, if you submit your NDIS payment claims separately, you can prepare bulk claims to boost efficiency. Submitting all the invoices in a single file makes organising, uploading, and tracking the NIDS payment claims faster and easier. Submitting NDIS payment requests individually may not lead to declined invoices. However, it will waste a lot of time. Additionally, the repetitive nature of the tasks increases the risk of human error. 

NDIS payment processing and invoicing is complicated, and making mistakes can lead to additional work and delayed payments. Luckily, you can get a good NIDS invoice template to streamline the whole process. NDSP Plan Managers offer NDIS financial plan management software to make your life easy. This platform will assist you in tracking the funds, NDIS pricing arrangements, budgeting properly, and allocating correct NDIS categories and codes.

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