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Hair Clinic in Chennai: Diagnosis & Treatment 

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Is laser therapy the best hair loss treatment

If you are experiencing hair loss and concerned about it, then it becomes essential to consult a good hair specialist. Effective treatment should begin immediately before you lose majority of your hair on your head. First, it is necessary to identify the root cause. A board-certified dermatologist can offer accurate diagnosis. They possess in-depth knowledge on the different causes for hair loss and can help provide treatment for diverse issues.

How dermatologists get to know the cause of hair loss?

You need to select the Best Dermatologist Near Me with sufficient domain experience. To locate the root cause of hair loss, the specialists will do the needful:

  • Ask lots of questions: It is necessary for the dermatologists to know the duration of hair loss that you have been suffering from.
  • Check your nails, scalp and other regions closely: Conducting this exam offers vital clues as to what’s happening.
  • Examine hair health: The specialist will pull your hair gently to know its growth pattern, current health and if it is breaking.

Examination suggested

In case the dermatologist suspects cause for hair loss to be an infection, hormone imbalance, vitamin deficiency or disease, then they may suggest undergoing a scalp biopsy or blood test. Such tests are generally conducted in the Hair Clinic in Chennai. On having such vital information, the specialist will be able to decipher the issues that have been causing hair loss.

Can hair regrow without any medical help?

Yes! Hair might grow after exercising loss on its own without medical intervention. It might occur if you had recently underwent cancer treatment, had surgery or recovered from some major illness, had a baby, etc. It can even be if you had lost over 20 pounds, eliminated psoriasis on the scalp region or developed alopecia areata. The qualified dermatologist can provide you with valuable information as to when hair will start growing again naturally.

Changing hairstyle/hair care

Some hair care habits or hairstyles may damage hair, thus causing hair loss. If this is the issue you suffer from, then the dermatologist will recommend a few changes which when introduced will ensure your hair does not get damaged any more. You just need to follow the prescribed steps sincerely and enjoy the best results. If still, nothing happens, then you may be suggested to have hair transplantation procedure.

When hair loss treatment is recommended?

Although hair might regrow naturally, the dermatologist will recommend appropriate treatment to ensure it grows throughout the scalp quickly. At times, treatment may be desired to avoid further hair loss. There are different types of treatment procedures available to grow hair. But the specialist will prescribe something that best fits your scalp needs and suits your overall health. Thus, you can enjoy lush hair on your head and enjoy getting attention from everyone around.

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