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Why Are Conferences Needed For Every Industry?

by janeausten
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Have you noticed that in almost every major industry there are major thematic conferences? Some people think that such events are a waste of time, while others do not allow themselves to miss them year after year. Why are conferences and similar major industry events needed? Why do they appear everywhere?

Today we will express my opinion on this subject through the example of the young industry of distance learning.

Reason #1. “Checking the clock”

In any industry, especially in such a rapidly developing one as online education, there are a lot of changes happening at the same time. Someone, somewhere, is constantly coming up with something, and it is important for market participants to be sure that they do not lag behind the rest of the locomotive.

In addition, conferences help in keeping track of new technologies and the achievements of colleagues in the shop. Such top CIO events are an ideal environment for the dissemination of new ideas and technologies.

Reason number 2. Experience exchange

Experienced market participants know that it is better to be friends with competitors than to fight them. Sharing experiences benefits everyone because it helps develop the market as a whole and increases the size of the pie to be shared.

To meet for an exchange of experience, some reason is often needed. An industry conference is a perfect occasion! And the exchanges need to be meaningful to become a success.

Reason number 3. Broadcasting site

It’s no secret that conferences often advertise or announce some important information. In my opinion, it is absolutely normal if the advertisement is unobtrusive and professional, and the information is relevant and well presented.

Large events are also ideal for this: the most active and advanced market participants gather at the same time in one place. When to go out on them, if not at such moments?

Reason number 4. Break the usual routine

Nobody likes the routine, so many people look forward to industry conferences to talk with colleagues “for life” and break out of the usual circle of affairs a little. Even if the event is held online, for example, in the format of a webinar, it is still an interesting occasion and an opportunity to feel like a part of something big.

Perhaps this is the most important reason why any industry has its own conferences. After all, what could be more valuable than understanding that you are not alone with your problems? This is why there is a need to have such events.

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