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3 best Embroidery Machines for shirts

by janeausten
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An embroidery machine is employed to make patterns on fabrics. It’s used in product branding, commercial advertisements, and invariant decoration commercially. It’s also used to embellish apparel and vesture in the fashion assiduity. Some embroidery machines are designed for casual use like at home, but you can not calculate on them when it comes to a big design. With a high- quality c embroidery machine, you can complete your orders in minimal time.

Following embroidery machines for shirts are considered as top Embroidery Machines grounded on their quality and features.

1) Family PE800 embroidery machine

For both professed and layman knitters, the Brother PE800 is a fantastic embroidery machine for shirts. This machine continues to prove itself to me, time and time again. It’s enough easy to use the machine, but it also provides all anticipated from the t- shirt stitching machine.

Then are some of the main features of PE800 that should be bandied in further detail.


  • Family PE800 embroidery machine has a large working area and has an extensive3.2- inch color TV touchscreen.
  • The Brother PE800 embroidery machine offers unique access to the stylish Family PE800 embroidery tools and online design options.
  • The PE800 has multitudinous options to allow your invention to flourish with 138 erected- in embroidery designs, including ornamental stitching, flowery, and spread patterns.
  • 7 English, 3 Japanese, and 1 Cyrillic fountain types are suitable for silk webbing and handwriting.
  • Amazing embroidery patterns can be erected with a 5- inch x 7- inch embroidery area and can be viewed on the vast color touch screen.
  • The automatic needle threader is present. Also know about Vector Artwork Services
  • Family PE800 is veritably easy to set up also easy to use.
  • PE800 has a high stitching speed with 650 aches per nanosecond.
  • The USB harborage of the PE800 enables you to import your embroidery designs into your computer’s erected- in memory.
  • The PE800 comes with LED lights to help you from avoiding dimly illuminated regions or late evening systems.

Pros of pe800

  • It’s excellent for all your embroidery conditions.
  • A significant benefit of previewing the design is the color display.
  • A erected- in LED light is available that brightens your work area.

Cons of pe800

  • Formulti-color or single- color designs, it takes the same quantum of time.
  • It’s an embroidery-only machine. You can not use this machine for sewing.
  • conservation and remediation are expensive.

2) Janome MB- 4S Four- Needle Embroidery Machine

The Janome MB- 4S has a Remote Computer Screen( RCS). So which provides the driver with complete setup and editing control. Advanced on- screen editing functions of this t- shirt embroidery machine make last- nanosecond changes easier, sew counters let the machine know when to cut the thread, embroidery area tracing helps avoid bobbin changes every many twinkles, and detectors on the upper thread and presser bottom help make designs more charming.


  • Sixty- five thousand five hundred thirty- six colors Use up.
  • For any embroidery company, storehouse is imperative, and also the Janome MB- 4S includes a colossal 3 MB for storing as numerous as aches or 100 designs.
  • An LED light provides an outstanding view of the workspace.
  • With 50 erected- in designs, including ten monogramming sources for 2 and 3 letters embroidery, the Janome machines achieve embroidery pets of over to 800 SPM.
  • A perk tackle containing a3.9 ′ *2.3 ′ chapeau circle, Janome scribbling circle holder set,no. 7, scribbling circle J8 is included with the Janome MB- 4S. The essence bobbin and embroidery needles are included as well.


  • Saves time with four needles
  • Jump thread trimming
  • Winds fresh bobbins while the machine is running
  • Post-thread break bus- return Easy to use and learn.


  • The price is rather expensive.
  • There’s no bottom pressure adaptation.
  • Embroidery is the only option.

3) Family se1900

Sisters SE1900 is no doubt a fantastic embroidery and sewing machine. So It’s amongst one of the stylish embroidery machines for shirts which provides you too numerous features with quality. Thus It’s a protean and multi-skilled machine that can perform numerous tasks about embroidery and sewing.


  • Then are the main specifications of the multifunctional- shirt embroidery machine “ Brother SE1900 ” described below
  • Colored TV display with the larger touching screen of3.2 elevation with which you can view and edit your designs
    5 ” x 7 ” field for embroidery so that larger designs can be exaggerated and scribbling on fabrics can be drawn
  • erected- in memory so that you can import the embroidery designs
  • 240 erected- in aches
  • Font style of 11, erected- in design of 138.
  • Family SE1900 is the most protean machine, and it’s veritably easy to handle and use it.
  • You can exaggerate with a sew speed of 650 aches per nanosecond.
  • 8 bases for sewing
  • The capability of combinational designs. Also know about Custom Vector Art Services


Family SE1900 comes up with a bond of 25 times, can perform multiple functions, and is suitable for both sewing and embroidery purposes. So It contains eight bases for embroidery purposes, the largest working area, and the most protean model among t- shirt stitching machines.


Thus It’s an precious machine among the embroidery and sewing machines.

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