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Benefits of Contributing to an NGO

by janeausten
Benefits of Contributing to an NGO

Frequently, we get so busy in our life that we ignore people who need our care and support. While we focus on nurture to our day-to-day responsibilities and fulfilling our duties, we miss nurturing the sympathetic and generous side in our lives. This is when non-profit organizations like Satya Shakti Organization (The Best NGO in Delhi NCR) come into play.

NGOs are non-government organizations or groups that work at the grassroots level to bring about a sustainable and physical change in the community and society or the nation. The work of such organizations includes tackling issues related to social development, education, empowerment, hunger, health, poverty, environmental protection, and similar other issues.

Hence, by engaging with such NGOs by supporting them as a volunteer, knowledge partner, goodwill representative, or donor, you can create a huge impact. Given the important roles that an NGO plays, the Indian government inspires individuals and corporates to involve with and donate to NGOs or charitable organizations.

The Income Tax Act of the Indian Government supports charitable helps made to philanthropic organizations. According to Section 80G of the Income Tax Act of the Indian Constitution, donations or financial contributions made towards a registered NGO or charitable organization qualify for tax exemption.

The deciding factor to identify whether the donor receives 100% exemption or 50% exemption, depends on the registration of the charitable organization.

Your Tax-deductible donations will give the five following benefits:

  • It supports the beneficiary NGO in its operations and helps in the sustenance and expansion of its service.
  • It impacts positively the lives of beneficiaries.
  • Reiterates the values of compassion and generosity. It also inspires a sense of ‘giving back to society.
  • Uplifts the community as a whole by imbibing awareness, and responsibilities, and being a part of the solution for numerous issues at hand.
  • Makes the donor qualified for tax exemption.

NGOs know the value & power of every single rupee. They certify that the reserves are used in the right way.

No matter what causes the NGO fights for, every little support from you will be valued and looked forward to. Hence, you can support an NGO or an organization depending on the cause you intensely connect with. For example, if you want to provide health and education to children coming from challenging socio-economic backgrounds, you can support not-for-profit organizations like The Satya Shakti Foundation.

It is one of the top NGOs in India that started executing the Government’s Mid-day Meal Program. The Foundation provides nutritious school lunches to children in government and government-aided schools since 2000 for the last 21 years.

Currently, Satya Shakti Foundation provides regular midday meals and Healthcare Facilities to thousands of children and poor people across more than 20 locations of 5-8 states and 2 Union Territories of India including the national capital (Delhi) of the country.

When you donate to this NGO:

  • You make nutritious food accessible to school children and support their education while helping them progress towards their dreams and goals.
  • Mid-day meals contribute towards complete development by enhancing children’s concentration. It also expands their performance in academics and involvement in co-curricular activities.
  • These meals progress in attendance and decrease the drop-out rate of children, thereby confirming continuity in education.
  • You create a lifelong impact in the lives of young, determined, and ambitious children who are willing to go beyond their economic situations.
  • You become eligible to take tax exemption on your contributed amount (valid for an online donation of ₹500 and above).

Satya Shakti Foundation is considered the leading and the best NGO in Delhi NCR and north India to donate to, given the cause it works for and the diligence in its financial transparency.

Conclusion – Your 1 moment to make a contribution and show your kindness can bring an impressive difference to society. So, as you go about completing your responsibilities, do attend to your generous side too!

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