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A lipid profile test is generally done to determine the lipid level in the blood; however, lipids are nothing but fats that cannot be dissolved in the blood. If lipids are high in the blood, then you can be at great risk of getting heart diseases and heart strokes. Thus to reduce your chances of getting cardiovascular complications, get this test done at RedCliff labs,  to know the lipid profile test price in Kolkata you can click the below link. 

What is a lipid profile test?

A lipid profile test is a test done to measure the level of good and bad cholesterol along with the triglycerides in the blood. Also known as the lipid panel test, it is done to analyze the amount of certain fat molecules known as lipids in your blood. In a few cases, the panel comprises four different cholesterol measurements as well as triglycerides too. Excess lipids in your blood can lead to a buildup of blood vessels and arteries, leading to many severe health complications and increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. This is why doctors always recommend lipid profile tests for children and adults to diagnose and evaluate cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, heart disease, and stroke. There are many other names for a lipid profile test: 

  • Lipid panel
  • Lipid test
  • Coronary panel
  • Coronary risk panel
  • Cholesterol panel 
  • Fasting lipid panel or non-fasting lipid panel

Lipid profile test in Kolkata at Redcliffe labs includes nine tests which are done to detect the amount of triglyceride and cholesterol levels in the blood. People above 35 years of age must undergo this test to get early treatment or reduce the chances of heart diseases, attacks, and strokes. As per the guidelines given by doctors, men and women both who are above 20 years of age must get this test done, especially if they have a history of cholesterol issues and heart complications. 

How is the lipid profile test done?

A lipid profile test is a basic blood test that is done to determine the whole cholesterol level in your body. It is done by taking a tiny sample of blood from your arms and later examining it in the lab. With the sample that is collected, estimates of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides are noted, which are in the blood. The level of triglyceride, as well as the amount of LDL, is influenced by the type of food or liquid that you consume. Thus before you go for this test, you are advised not to consume any food for about four to six hours ahead of getting it done. Only water can be consumed during this period. It is advised to avoid having beverages like milk, tea, or coffee in the morning until the blood sample is collected. And if you are not on fasting, then only your HDL and total cholesterol levels will be accepted. 

Why get a lipid profile test?

The lipid profile test is required to be done to check for dyslipidemia symptoms like 

  • Headache
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Nausea, vomiting
  • Hypertension
  • Heartburn
  • General malaise
  • Squeezing sensation

The test is carried out to check that children and adults are more prone to high blood cholesterol and triglycerides. They can have higher levels because of the development of high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, etc. The test is also done as a follow-up to evaluate the current health status. Your doctor might recommend a lipid profile test as part of a regular check-up because it is the best way to prevent, monitor, diagnose and treat many medical conditions at an early stage. People who are prone to some medical conditions are at more risk like:

  • If a person smoke regularly
  • If you are overweight
  • If you consume an unhealthy diet
  • If you are physically inactive 
  • If you are a male above 45 years or a female above 50 years 
  • If you are suffering from hypertension
  • If you have a family history of premature heart diseases
  • If you have pre-existing heart diseases
  • If you’ve had a heart attack 
  • If you Have diabetes or pre-diabetes

What does the test measure and how to interpret the result?

After the lipid test is done, you will get the result in a couple of days. You will see many numbers in the report; let us tell you what they mean and how to interpret the test results. A lipid profile test measures the cholesterol levels in milligrams per deciliter of blood; the normal value of the lipid profile test are listed below for you:

  1. LDL – low-density lipoprotein

It is considered the bad cholesterol that collects in your blood vessels and makes a person more prone to cardiovascular diseases. Its normal range is 70 to 130 mg/dL- the lower, the better it will be. 

  1. HDL – High-Density Lipoprotein

 It is considered as a good cholesterol level and helps to decrease the bad cholesterol LDL in the blood. The normal HDL level is between 40 to 60 mg/dL – the higher, the better it will be.

  1. Total cholesterol 

Normal levels vary from person to person. If you’re 20 years of age, your normal result will be between 75-169 mg/dl. For people above 21 years of age then, your normal result will be between 100-199 mg/dl. If your lipid test result exceeds 240 mg/dl, you must visit the doctor to start your treatment. A Total cholesterol level is an overall cholesterol level including all three, i.e., LDL, HDL, and VLDL. Its normal range is less than 200 mg/dL – the lower, the better it will be.

  1. Triglycerides

It is a type of fat from the food that you consume. If your blood has an increased amount of triglycerides, then you are at more risk of developing heart disease. Its normal range is between 10 to 150 mg/dL – the lower, the better it will be. 

  1. Very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL) cholesterol

It is a type of cholesterol that is present in very low amounts in fasting blood samples. It comes from the food consumed recently. An increase in this cholesterol indicates abnormal lipid metabolism. Its normal range of VLDL Cholesterol is 0-30 mg/dl. 

If your test results are outside the above-listed normal ranges, then you might be at risk of heart disease, strokes, etc. By the time you get the normal result of the test, you must visit your doctor to get started. 

What are the risks associated with a Lipid Profile blood test?

 Lipid profiles and many other blood tests are very common and don’t carry any significant risks. A person may have a slight pain when the needle gets inserted, and a small bruise may be develop in that area. 

What is the Cost of a lipid profile Test in Kolkata?

Schedule your lipid profile test at Redcliff labs in Kolkata. The lipid profile test price in kolkata with Redcliffe Labs is only Rs 350.


A lipid profile blood test is vital for everybody, especially for those who are at high risk of developing heart-related diseases. Your healthcare provider will analyze your cholesterol levels in the blood and will start your treatment. Redcliffe Labs provides a lipid profile test with a facility for home sample collection. Schedule a lipid profile test in Kolkata at Redcliffe Labs, one of the best path labs in India as they assure safe and accurate results within 24 hours. 

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