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Tips To Keep Your Bike In The Best Working Condition

by janeausten

Getting a brand new bike can be a captivating time for you. Everyone likes to keep their things as though they are new. This is a type of habit that definitely pays you over time. Proper maintenance of your bike or even any automobile for that matter can recompense you with a longer vehicle life and even important lesser running costs during your ownership of the beloved . Of course, if you are doing timely bike servicing in pune or in your city; that is the best thing for sure.

Now, you must be thinking what exactly should you do to keep your bike in the best working condition right? Well, this post is going to share with you some amazing tips to help you do it. 

Always keep a check on the engine oil  

Yes, the oil in the engine of your bike can be thought of as the blood or flued of the bike. It keeps the engine well lubricated and even has a marvellous cooling effect on the vehicle. However, with time the degrees of oil in the engine can actually drop or decrease, or impurities can actually make the oil thick and viscid. This is really adverse for your engine and can result in knocking or even that of worst your pistons might seize. A simple way to evade any sort of issues would be to simply check the oil level after every single service and get your old oil change once the need be. Come on, you cannot take a risk with the oil because if you do not keep your engine oil in check, it could harm your bike performance and end up in damaging your bike too. 

Keep a check on the tires of your bike 

There are numerous types of motorcycle tyres based on what your style of riding actually is. Whatever you decide with time there will be a huge wear and tear. Make sure to check the overall treads of your tyres once you get your beloved bike serviced. The point is simple, you have to be sure that your tires are smooth and not getting torn. What is the point if your bike slips on the highway because of the withered tyres? So, it is wise to get it check. If you are going for regular maintenance. Of bike servicing you can be sure that the mechanics are keeping a check. But you don’t do that, then you must prudently keep an eye on your tyres. If you do travel on a really rough or potholed road. Then the possibility of your tires getting harmed soon are on the higher end. So, be mindful about it.

Clean the bike Air Filter

The air filter that is there in your bike is a critical part of your bike and needs to get clean regularly. If dust and other type of pollutants or materials get stuck in it, the intake of air by your beloved will be impact adversely. This is going to result in poor combustion of fuel that will ultimately result in severe engine harm. Of course, when you keep your bike air filter clean and hygienic, you can be sure that it works smoothly. Some owners do not give any attention to this thing. And then regret when the entire part gets rotten. Or simply harmed and they have to get the entire thing changed. So, timely actions can save you big time.

Get the Transmission Reviewed 

Of course, the sprockets of your beloved bike chain need to be inspect or evaluated regularly. And checked for any sort of damage. Apart from such a thing , they also require to be routinely lubricate. A great performing bike maintenance tip is to ensure. To ensure that your motorcycle chain has a free play of two to four mm. Now, this is something that you cannot do yourself if you don’t have professional expertise. It is wise you take your to the mechanic and let them do the needful. This way you can be at peace that the transmission is check frequently.

Don’t dodge your bike battery 

Come on, the battery of your bike is one of the simplest components to take proper care of. Ensure that the terminals are tightly and properly fixed and appropriately greased. Apart from such a thing , checking the degree of distilled water in your battery every couple of weeks is a great habit too. Remember, what is the point if you are on the long journey. And amidst the lonely roads you get stuck because your battery gave up? Come on, it is wise you ensure that your battery is in the proper working condition. If you find any red flags, get it change.   A professional mechanic can help you with such a thing.

Keep your bike clean 

It is necessary to clean your bike regularly. Dirt and mud blended with water can trigger pitting in your bike in the long run. It is even a great habit to keep your bike in a proper sheltered place away from any sort of external elements. But yes, if you don’t have a proper shed for your that is fine. But you should ensure that you clean up your regularly to ensure. That there is no mud or pollutants getting gather in your bike.

The maintenance of your bike engine 

Keeping your engine properly tuned regularly is something that is going. To reduce your running costs by giving you better level of mileage. Remember to keep the carburettor absolutely cleaned at all times as well as ensure that. The gaps of your spark plug are properly set correctly. All of such tiny details are going to have a huge impact on the functioning of your beloved vehicle.

Keep the bike Clutch Adjusted

Just like understanding the different kinds of motorcycle tyres can enhance the performance. Of your bike, getting your clutch serviced frequently pays dividends as well. Make sure that your clutch has the correct amount of free play when properly serviced.


To sum up you should speak with a bike mechanic at Gativan. If you find anything going wrong with your bike. Remember, they are the experts and can help you instantly.

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