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Manners and Ethics to Eat and Drink in Islam

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Umrah and drinking water

Islam provides guidance in every facet of life. In a similar vein, our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) laid down the rules for proper Muslim dining etiquette. The Holy Quran also instructs us on the proper method to eat and drink, which is of the greatest value to us. We must follow these rules and regulations while executing the rituals of Umrah. Pilgrims who take advantage of different Umrah packages with Muslims Holy Travel must also consider such etiquettes during their pilgrimage. A look at some Islamic guidelines regarding dining etiquette is as follows:

Initiating a Meal with Clean Hands

In Islam, proper table manners include starting with a clean and tidy table. Before we even think of touching the meal, we need to wash our hands completely. We should thoroughly cleanse our lips three times before sitting down to eat since this is a Sunnah practice. Islam, on the other hand, emphasized the need for hand washing more than 14 hundred years ago.

How to Sit Properly While Eating

Islam teaches its followers to treat others with reverence and kindness. It instructs us on proper dining etiquette, such as sitting down to eat. In accordance with Allah’s guidance for us, we should not stand while we eat. When eating, animals often stand. Like not showing any signs of arrogance when eating, we should not lean back or lay down while doing so. Extreme modesty is a virtue in Islam. The Sunnah of eating is to do it while seated on the floor with the legs crossed or the knees abducted. Since this eating position improves digestion, it has even gained scientific approval.

Utilizing The Right Hand When Dining

In accordance with the Sunnah of eating and drinking, we must use the right hand while doing so. Because the devil eats with his left hand, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) stressed the importance of only using the right hand while eating and drinking.

Islamic Guidelines for Drinking

Islam has highly specific drinking etiquette and customs that are easy to follow. We shouldn’t drink water when we are standing. One exception to this rule is while taking part in Umrah and drinking water from the well of Zamzam; in this case, you must consume the water while standing. You’ll learn that this is a sign of respect and tribute to the Zamzam water throughout your Umrah pilgrimage. Instead of gulping down a whole glass of water at once, we should take three slow, steady sips.

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