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What are the Different Types of Intercom Systems Available Today?

by janeausten
Intercom Systems

An electrical device that allows for communication in both directions and contains the necessary electronics to send and receive audio and/or video broadcasts is referred to as an intercom system. The use of intercoms has decreased as a result of the development of cellular communication, digital telephone networks, and other communication tools. However, these gadgets continue to outperform all alternatives in a variety of applications.

These systems are a common feature of multi-family neighborhoods. They control who has access to the buildings, facilitate communication between visitors and residents, and serve as the first line of defense against intruders entering the neighborhood. They are extremely important in ensuring that the people who live in the building have a sense of safety and comfort at all times. These systems can be expensive, and in neighborhoods where 24/7 concierges are already employed, for instance, they may be viewed as a superfluous luxury. But as the market and technology development, it is getting more and more crucial to install an intercom system in your multi-family neighborhood. There are various types of intercom systems available:

Wireless Intercoms 

Intercoms with wireless technology are utilized in situations where running wires is impractical. A wide range of two-way wireless communication tools is available, including typical desktop tools, outdoor wireless callboxes, handheld radios, and more. Depending on the wireless technology being used, the transmission range of this type of equipment varies greatly.

Wired Intercoms 

Intercom systems that are wired can provide you with a little more privacy and prevent any interference from other systems when wires can be run between places. These systems can use a variety of wire types, including 2-wire shielded or Cat-5/6. The best option for a video system may be a wired device if you are thinking about getting one.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Video Intercoms 

These normally consist of an entrance unit with a camera, speaker, push button, and an interior monitor device that can talk to the entrance unit. There are certain intercom systems that can house multiple internal video monitors. The majority of devices on the market are wired since it is difficult to deliver video over the airways at great distances without interference.

Only two wires are used in two-wired video intercom systems. These cables each have an audio and video connection and a power cable. They have Power Line Communication (PLC) technology and a sophisticated camera. Apartment diaphone systems are distinct from video-based systems. You can talk to your guests at the entrance using this video system. You can view the entrance door and the photos from the security cameras positioned throughout the building thanks to the video-based systems.

Apartment Intercoms 

This type of system has a door unit at the front door, and then each apartment or flat has one or more units that can talk at the door and potentially see the visitor. Alternatively, the door unit can ring a landline or mobile phone number to notify someone of the visitor’s arrival. A visitor only has to push the appropriate button on these intercom systems for the apartment owner they wish to talk with and the resident can respond by speaking and then unlocking the door by pressing another button.

Two-way radios

While two-way radios do not technically count as intercoms, they can communicate with base station intercoms. Thus, you may combine the adaptability of a mobile radio that can communicate over great distances with the functionality that permanent intercom systems offer.

IP Intercoms 

The entire IP intercom system is IP-based.

  • Unlike analog systems, the IP intercom does not require any settings for a video splitter or amplifier.
  • The IP intercom system is easy to install and maintain.
  • There are no issues if the building has 1 room or 1000.
  • All rooms in the network have the same level of video and audio quality.
  • The music is crystal clear, and the video resolution is good.
  • The kind and caliber of the cable utilized are crucial in this situation.
  • Less wire is needed for IP intercom systems than for traditional intercoms.
  • These systems employ CAT5/6 type cable.


Homeowners use intercom systems to make offices, buildings, apartments, and villas safer. Any property can benefit from increased security and comfort thanks to such kinds of systems. These systems come with a feature that gives users the option to save data from the past. These systems can eventually access the data in this way even though it took a while. It is important to compare well before you get any of these systems.

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