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Difference between digital marketing and growth marketing

by janeausten
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There are still many doubts about growth marketing. In a previous article I explained what it is and the details that surround it, you can read it before this one by clicking here . But I want to make the difference between digital marketing and growth marketing very clear, since they tend to be confused and no, they are not the same. 

What is the difference between digital marketing and growth marketing?

Digital marketing helps us make the most of online resources and channels to promote, sell and share our products or services and thus meet certain objectives. 

For this we can help ourselves with elements such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing. He uses different means to be able to advance and fulfill his work. It helps us grow our business, get customers and improve our relationship with them.

But, doesn’t growth marketing help us achieve the same?

Growth marketing, on the other hand, focuses on achieving more specific growth objectives. In other words, it focuses on a single growth objective and thus boosts the indicator corresponding to it.

Why should both be used? Digital marketing gives us a better presence and positioning, and growth marketing allows us to move forward by focusing on each specific area for much more sustainable growth. 

How do we differentiate digital marketers and growth marketers?

The first thing to keep in mind is that both positions are necessary today if you really want to revolutionize your marketing and take it to the next level, achieving better results that can last over time and allow you to visualize a growth curve in your business that is not it ponds. 

  • Digital Marketing Specialists

They have an inclination towards generating potential customers and capturing them through digital channels, such as social networks allow us. They generate leads that they can later convert into customers and later ambassadors of your brand. 

But their main focus is to recognize the characteristics they are looking for in a client and get them in the digital channels where the business is present, and even start their presence in the channels where they are not yet, but their target is. 

  • Growth marketing specialists

For their part, growth marketers analyze and study new ways to acquire and retain customers, for this they use search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and different strategies and tactics that help them meet the specific objective set. 

What do you need in your business?

Both profiles. Together they will help you achieve the ideal objectives to position your business and keep it constantly growing. Remember that it is the set of actions that you implement that makes you grow and advance, not isolated strategies that provide a false sense of progress. 

Marketing has changed, companies and marketers know it. Today it is no longer worth doing digital marketing that only creates a brand and looks for a sale. Now we need a type of marketing that allows any company, of any size, to grow and always be profitable.

Or rather, we need a fundamental figure in any company:

  • That it is multidisciplinary.
  • Able to create innovative strategies.
  • ​That you can execute and delegate, always making the right decision.

These two figures are essential today in every business. Regardless of the niche you are targeting and in which your brand operates. Make sure you have these profiles or develop yourself as one and play this important role yourself or a member of your team.

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