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Difference Between Smoking and Vaping | D9 Delta 9 Prerolls

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The cannabis industry offers traditional consumption methods while developing new ways to intake synthesized content. Among the traditional methods, smoking is one of the most popular forms. They have long-lasting effects and are free from any additional accessory other than the dried flowers of the cannabis plant. The industry has switched to upgrading by switching to less tobacco intake through vaping devices. These devices use laboratory-made THC-concentrated hybrids in the form of juices to get you high.  Though both have their own advantages and experience, users are generally puzzled over what to choose. Here are the main differences to help figure out what suits you best. 

Major differences between smoking and vaping

Material used

Smoking uses cannabis flower as its major burnt substance, which is dried up and then rolled to produce one of the most popular consumption ways. It is counted as a traditional way of intaking intoxicants while vaping is the modern method that includes vaporizers and juice synthesized from cannabis buds. 

Flow through bloodstream

Smoking methods such as d9 delta 9 prerolls are directly absorbed by the lungs. The cannabis concentrates directly to the bloodstream and makes you experience instantaneous effects. While using vaping devices, you have to hold the vapors in your mouth for a few seconds and inhale again. The gaseous cannabis version then reaches the lungs and gets mixed with the bloodstream.    

Mode of Consumption

Smoking involves the combustion of the cannabis compounds that are in the product. They involve burning cigarettes and pre rolls of naturally occurring cannabis flowers. Vaping devices have electric coils that form vapors of the synthesized juice offering high THC content to inhale.   


It offers more physical and psychological effects that last over 2 to 3 hours after consumption extending the duration of the high. The effects of vaping generally last only till you are using the device. Though some vaping devices may offer post-session effects, they can not be matched by the potent effects of smoking. The long-lasting effects of smoking are one of the main reasons for its popular use among cannabis enthusiasts. 


Smoking offers a naturally strong flavor of flowers but might taste uneven in puffs. This is due to the fact that combustion does not burn the content entirely and leads to irregularity. Vaping has synthesized liquid that can be modified to any flavor of choice during manufacture. D9 delta 9 disposables offer hundreds of different flavors to choose from in the market. This is one of the main reasons why light smokers are switching to using vapes and leaving the potent effects gained through cannabis combustion. 


Since the substances do not burn properly in smoking, they are less potent. However, since cannabis hits directly to the lungs, consumers experience strong after-effects. They may be too overwhelming at times, turning your senses numb. On the other hand, vapes are extremely potent due to the high juice concentration and proper vapor formation. They offer a balanced effect during the sessions, which slowly decreases much sooner than smoking. 

Method of inhalation

The smoking puffs are directly pulled into the lungs, making them easy to dissolve in the bloodstream alongside oxygen. Vapes have a little complex progression where you have to keep puff in your mouth for a second or two and inhale deeply again. This reaches the lungs but loses a great concentration of cannabis content before reaching the bloodstream. 


Opting to smoke d9 delta 9 pre rolls or using vaping devices depends on your requirement and varies from user to user. While smoking is ideal for consumers looking for strong after-effects, vaporizers offer multiple strains to enjoy your vaping sessions. 

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