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Best Gaming and Sports News in Vietnam

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Fortunately, there are a few online sources that you can turn to for the best gaming and sports news in Vietnam. Some of these sources include YouSport 8X, EUBet, and Thao 247. These sites will have the latest news, updates, and results for your favorite games and teams.

GAM Esports

Located in Vietnam, GAM Esports is one of the world’s casino trực tuyến most notable League of Legends teams. The organization, which was founded in May 2014, has achieved several impressive wins and achievements over the years.

GAM Esports is led by Do “Levi” Duy Khanh, Tran “Archie” Minh Nhut, and Tran “Optimus” Van Cuong. GAM Esports has earned several titles in Vietnamese League of Legends competitions. The team has been a mainstay at tournaments organized by the Riot Games.

GAM Esports has qualified to several major international League of Legends tournaments in the last couple years. The team also took TSM to five games at the 2017 MSI and tied with Immortals at the 2017 Worlds.


Various sports news websites in Vietnam provide comprehensive coverage of sports events in the country. Some sites also offer live scores, predictions, and betting games. These sites can be a great source of information for football fans in Vietnam.

The leading sports news website in Vietnam is YouSport. The site offers live reporting and scores on all types of sports events. It also offers a forum for discussion about sports. You can also download the mobile site to keep updated with sports news on the go. You can also book tickets for sporting events.

Another popular sports news site is the Thanh Nien Newspaper. This website offers live reporting on national and international football matches. It also has a forum for fans to discuss their favorite teams and teams’ players. It also has an extensive video library. It is available in several languages.

YouSport 8X

Among the many sports news websites available in Vietnam, YouSport 8X is considered to be the largest and most popular website. It provides online sports information in Vietnamese and English. The website also offers a number of other services such as live scores and predictions. It also has a forum where people can discuss sports. It also has a mobile application that allows users to book sports venues.

The website also has a video blog where people can watch videos of various sports events. It also features a schedule of upcoming Viet Nam boxing events and a betting game. Besides, it also has articles and news written by professional journalists. The site is updated around the clock and has a large readership.

Thao 247

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the fastest growing sports websites in Vietnam. The site offers a mix of betting and news content. It also has a number of vetted journalists who cover local leagues. The site is also available in Vietnamese and English. It is a great source of football news and scores.

The site has an impressive suite of ad hoc functions that cater to the needs of the average fan, from sports gear to ticket and venue booking. It also offers a credit system for managing refunds. The site even has an impressive mobile app that is available for iOS and Android users.


Several sports betting sites are available in Vietnam. Some of these sites are licensed, while others aren’t.

Some of the best gaming sports news websites in Vietnam casino trực tuyến are Xem the Thai 789, YouSport 790 and BK8. These sites offer comprehensive coverage of the most popular sports and also offer live scores and videos of sports events.

Xem the Thai 789 provides live scores and video content for most sporting events. This sports news website in Vietnam also features exclusive interviews with international sports personalities. It’s also one of the fastest growing sports news websites in Vietnam.

YouSport is a leading sports news website in Vietnam. It features articles in both English and Vietnamese. It also provides live coverage of Vietnamese national soccer team matches, and provides a comprehensive calendar of sports events.

Xem the Thai 789

Xem the Thai 789 is one of the fastest growing sports news websites in Vietnam. It provides in-depth coverage of national and international sports. It features live scores, video content and articles. It also has a huge database of breaking news stories. Its mobile application is also impressive. It is on its way to become the most popular sports news site in the country.

Another sports news website in Vietnam is YeuTheThao. It has a huge library of sports content and provides live reports and predictions for major sports events. It also has a calendar of upcoming sports events. It is updated daily and has a mobile application that allows users to keep track of live scores. It also offers ticket booking and refund management.

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