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What Are the Different Aspects of Vedic Astrology?

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According to Vedic astrology, the planet and stars drastically influence our lives. Vedic astrology has proven to be better than western astrology. Many fortune teller in New York often rely on Vedic astrology for predictions. 

How does Vedic astrology differ from western astrology?

Vedic astrology is extremely advanced since it is based on the sidereal zodiac. The sidereal zodiac is a system that is based on the link between the natural world and the time of birth. Western astrologists use the tropical zodiac, which is fixed and not accurate enough. 

According to the Vedas, which were the earliest scriptures of India, our actions (karma) are based on planetary positions. This makes Vedic astrology more effective in analyzing a person’s actions through stars and planets. Western astrology uses sun signs which completely contradicts the usage of moon signs in Vedic astrology.

What are the benefits of Vedic astrology?

According to some Best astrologer in New York, Vedic astrology guides those who have deviated from the path of life. Many great Indian rulers used to employ astrologers to run their kingdoms better. Vedic astrology is known initially as Jyotish Shastra, which means the science of light. The name comes from its ability to guide those who have become lost or ventured into the darkness. 

How does Vedic astrology work?

Thebest Indian astrologer in New York suggests Vedic astrology helps you with a lot of things like- successful business outcomes, gaining new properties, finding out if your marriage will be successful, or knowing what destiny awaits you. In Hinduism, it is believed that a person goes through inevitable stages in life before dying. Their souls get reincarnated in the next life, whose conditions are influenced by their karma in past lives.

If a person has done good deeds in the past, they will be reincarnated into something better than the last. We always remain connected to the past, which Vedic Astrology deeply considers. The accuracy of Indian astrology is a result of highly developed scientific knowledge in the ancient period of India.

Is Vedic astrology more precise than western?

Vedic astrologers deduct 23 degrees from the visible position of the constellation as the earth is tilted. They rely on predictions based on moon signs because the moon moves quicker and stays in a specific sign for only about two and a half days. This leads to more precision and accuracy. Indians have always been good at math and technology. No wonder they cracked this a thousand years ago. 

What’s important for prediction using Vedas?

According to the Vedas, the future is predicted using two factors: fate and free will. Fate involves what is meant to happen and is invariable. Free will contradicts fate and is the ability to change the future through the course of your actions. Our actions determine further karma that can fulfill dharma in order to bring honor to a person’s life. 

The use of data and Kundli is also considered very important in Hindu astrology. Dasha is used for denoting the period of the planets, and it has some serious effects. Kundli represents the position of astrological aspects present at the moment of any event. You can think of it as an astrological diagram that is used for certain evaluations.

Who is a Vedic astrologer?

Astrologers from ancient India were considered to be great saints because they possessed immense qualities of detachment, honesty, generosity, equality, etc. Being a Vedic astrologer requires decades of difficult study and training. Still, mastering it entirely is impossible due to the vast information it offers. They use exceptionally advanced calculations to get the perfect results with accuracy.

A genuine Indian Vedic astrologer concentrates on the nine planets referred to as Navagrahas. They include the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu, which represent the north node of the moon, and Ketu, which is the south node of the moon. These planets represent specific aspects of life, and all of them are under the jurisdiction of some deity. They are held responsible for delivering certain conditions in one’s life. The astrologer predicts the future keeping all these factors and birth charts in mind.

Besides the technical aspects, many Best Vedic astrologer in New York with Indian ancestry believe it to be spiritual science. They believe it requires some amount of intuition. The level of this intuition is only possessed by those who maintain specific standards of spiritual strictness.


The article provides deep knowledge about how Vedic astrology is reliable for predictions. It uses practices that can be considered scientific in some aspects. For many fortune tellers in New York, Vedic astrology has proven to be more effective than western astrology.

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