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Sewer Line Camera Inspection

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sewer camera inspection

A sewer camera is an amazing tool that makes the job of drain cleaning exceptionally easy. It is a key part of figuring out if there is a problem with the sewer system in the home.

Suppose you are facing a foul sewer gas odor. Or if the water isn’t draining properly, it is time to seek some assistance from a professional.

Sewer Camera Inspection – What It Is?

When you call a professional plumber, they will check the cause of the concern with the help of a sewer camera inspection.

Usually, the sewer lines are located under the base of your house, to be precise, under the concrete slab, which is usually five inches thick.

Then there are about two feet of dirt above the pipe. Inspecting the problem is not such an easy task, but not impossible either.

A sewer video camera’s head is lined to a flexible cable that is inserted into the main sewer line. The plumber, via a monitor, watches the entire situation down below.

While a camera may not work in every situation, but in areas it does are as follows:

Lines Location

Sewer cameras consist of location devices that give out a signal. By receiving the signal above ground, the plumber is able to identify where the camera is present underground.

Drainage Concern

Interestingly, sewer pipes work through gravity. Since everything goes downhill, the pipe, including the waste, debris, and even water, ends up in the waste treatment center of the city. And if the system is not performing smoothly, a sewer camera can help determine the problem’s main cause.

Undoubtedly the cameras work quite effectively in finding the blockages, or any broken pipes if present. A camera also helps in seeing the type of system and its present state. It also lets the viewer see the flow of the water.

In other words, it can help see all kinds of problems, including cracks, corrosion, punctures, and even any root intrusion. Moreover, you can also ask for a follow-up video inspection to keep checking if everything is properly cleaned or not.


A professional video inspection can lead to a worthwhile solution if you are facing repeated sewer issues or slow drains or clogs.

It can go deep down and help to determine the problem in an easy manner. It can also help find out problems early on that might prevent expensive future repairs.

If you are facing any outdoor plumbing problems, call Empire Root and Drain today.

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