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8 Common Outdoor Awnings Problems and Their Solution

by janeausten
Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor Awnings are a beautiful way to add more value to any property. They look beautiful and also provide shade against direct sunlight exposure, rain, and other types of precipitations. Since they are outdoor installations, they face a lot of challenges. In this blog, we discussed 8 problems that outdoor awnings experience.

Mere listing down of problems is not enough. Identification of problems is only useful when we can provide a solution for those issues also. In this piece of writing, you will problems as well as their solutions. Let’s begin.

Fungus or Mold on Fabric

The fabric of the awning loses its functionality and performance because of the fungus that can form on the awning. This is unavoidable because the awning is an outdoor installation and weather takes its toll on it. Rain or excessive moisture in the air can cause the formation of fungus. If you don’t deal with it timely, the fabric will look ugly, smell bad, and also deteriorate performance over time.

To deal with mold or fungus, you need mildew remover. Just spray the outdoor awnings with mildew remover using a hose. It is important to let it dry completely otherwise the whole practice will damage the fabric even more instead of benefitting it.

Excessive exposure to the sun

Another very common problem that happens with outdoor awnings is the damage caused due to excessive exposure to the sun. The color of the fabric can fade away and a layer of debris can also form on it. While the fading of color is permanent damage, you can do something about the accumulated debris.

You can deal with this issue by removing the debris layer. Sweeping off the debris can sometimes help in attaining a somewhat original color of the awning.  As a preventive measure against sun damage, use soap while sweeping.

The outdoor awnings can sag

Some problems with Awning Patio Covers arise due to installation issues. For example, if the shade of the awning is too extended then the fabric does not remain tight. It can develop a bulge or simply it can sag. In case of rain or other such events, the moisture accumulates in the sag.

The water gathered in the sag can harm the overall functionality of the outdoor awnings. It can also become a security hazard because excessive accumulation of water exerts its weight on the fabric. This excessive pressure can cause the fabric to tear and can cause the canopy to collapse altogether.

This problem with awnings is very easy to fix. All you need to do is tighten the canopy by reverse cranking the handle until the fabric is tight and does not have any bulge in it. While performing this activity, be mindful of the placement of cloth. It should rotate over the top of the roller tube instead of spooling underneath it.

You can also tilt the angle of the sunshade to a point where the water does not gather in the fabric.

Small rips and tears

Even though an outdoor awnings is not as costly of an installation as aluminum fencing or fountain, it does cost you. The cost of an outdoor awnings is not negligible. In some cases, the fabric of the awning can develop tears or small rips.

It would be unwise to get the whole installation replaced due to a small malfunctioning like this. Also, it is even more unwise to let these fissures remain as they are. Small tears can worsen and become huge tears soon. This will require you to replace the installation.

If you notice minor rips, use patches or special tapes to fix these cracks. You can also use adhesive tape but make sure that it is waterproof so that it remains protected against rain and moisture.

Tip: for a perfect job, and neat finishing, trim the loose threads first and then use tape on them.

The jammed motor in the retractable outdoor awning

If you have installed a retractable outdoor awning on your property, then there are other challenges attached to it. For example, the operating motor can get jammed over some time. This can happen because of various reasons.

For example, the moisture in the air or rain can penetrate the motor, or there can be insufficient lubrication that can cause jam the motor.

If the motor is jammed because of insufficient lubricant, you can apply grease or other lubricants to smoothen the performance. However, if the motor is not behaving because water has seeped into it, then you will need the services of a professional. He can suggest after inspecting whether you need awning repairing or replacement.

Extreme climatic situations

Climatic conditions of an area play a significant role in the health of outdoor awnings. Strong winds, heavy rains, and excessive snow can damage an awning significantly. Besides this, too much exposure to direct sunlight can also be detrimental to the fabric and overall installation.

A retractable outdoor awning is a more practical solution when it comes to climatic challenges. In the event of wind or storm, retract the sunshade.  If you want to add more value to your installation, get an anemometer. During turbulent winds, it will automatically retract the shade.

Stickiness or de-tracking

Another common problem with outdoor awning is experienced by those who have installed retractable awning. At times debris can accumulate in the tracks and clog them. This can prevent the sunshade from extending or undoing smoothly. At times, excessive debris accumulation can also cause the sliders to de-track.

This problem is pretty easy to resolve because all you need to do is de-clogging the tracks. Clean them properly, use water and soap if needed, and apply a layer of lubricant- you have made the awning just like it was new.

Bees and Insects Can Make their homes on Awning

Bees, wasps, spiders, and other insects can start their dwelling on an outdoor awning. This is not only harmful to the installation but also poses a safety hazard.

They can make a property pretty uncomfortable to live in. People can pretty scare of this kind of biological life on a property.

You can use a pesticide critter to remove these dwellings and also to prevent future nesting.


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