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How to Integrate Magento Ebay and the Benefits it Has

by janeausten
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Magento is an ecommerce and is now acquired by Adobe in 2018. It stands among the top ecommerce platforms in the USA and is increasing its popularity around the globe as well. It is considered a one-stop ecommerce platform for all your online business requirements. eBay is a shopping website that is widely known for its two features; auction and consumer-to-consumer sales. As a sales channel, it is very famous among the online business community because it generates local and Big commerce Buy on Google. It is also available in many different countries. Magento Ebay integration is helpful for international sales. 

How to integrate Magento eBay?

You will need a developer code to integrate the Magento Store with eBay. This will make integration easy for you, or you can choose one from several extensions that add this functionality to Magento; Follow the steps below – 

  • Sign in to your Magento store account to access Magento Marketplace.
  • Find the M2E Pro extension in the Magento Marketplace and buy it.
  • Install the M2E extension; it will redirect you to your Access Keys.
  • Create a New Access Key after getting redirected to the automated My Access Keys. It is essential to create a new key so that the extension can link with your Magento component manager.
  • Go to System and, then to Web Setup Wizard, click Component Manager. Sign in to sync Magento Component Manager.
  • Click the link to install the given under New Purchases.
  • Select the M2E Pro extension you have purchased and click the link to install it.
  • Click the install tab after the backup is completed.

Benefits of Magento eBay Integration 

Integration of the Magento store with eBay improves the overall data management system along with improving imports and exports. This helps expand your Bigcommerce Buy on Google in local and international markets. Some of the significant benefits are – 

  1. Product listing is unlimited and for a Lifetime with eBay.
  • It makes it easy to manage the System in bulk, uploading your products.
  • It makes real-time integration of discounts and product prices.
  • It improves lead conversions and traffic channels.
  • Your Magento store with eBay integration expands your business growth ten times more.

Conclusion  You must have been shocked to find how easy the process of integrating Magento eBay to extend your  Bigcommerce Buy on Google is. The benefits you can get from combining the two are also mentioned in this article. 

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