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FBA Prep Service UK: Amazon Partnered Carrier Program

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FBA Prep Service UK

Are you looking for FBA Prep Service UKIf you only have a small shipment, you may be eligible for the FBA Prep that is Amazon Partnered Carrier Program, depending on where you ship and the size of your shipment.

To qualify for the FBA Prep Service UK, the length of your box must not exceed 75cm, and the maximum weight to pass without further requirements is 15kg. If your package weighs between 15 and 30 kg, it must be labeled “Heavy Package/Equipment Lift,” visible from the top and sides of each heavyweight unit.

The Partnered Carrier Program allows sellers on Amazon to take advantage of Amazon’s negotiated shipping rates. The Partner Carrier Program is only available for small package shipments within the UK.

For shipments abroad

You must arrange transportation yourself. Additionally, if your shipment is more than half a pallet, it must be palletized. And the Amazon FBA Prep Service UK will not be available to you. Once you reach the size of a half pallet, you must find your carrier. AFBA Prepnd a delivery appointment must be arranged between the Fulfillment Center and your carrier.

Now, a crucial part of using the Amazon FBA Prep Service UK: 

Preparing your products according to Amazon’s requirements. Whether you do it yourself or have a third party handle it, you must do it correctly to prevent Amazon from rejecting your products upon delivery.

FBA Prep Shipping Guidelineshow to prepare your products for shipping and fulfillment

At first glance, Amazon’s shipping requirements for shipping your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center may seem complicated and overwhelming. To ensure everything runs smoothly with your shipment, you must prepare and label your products according to Amazon’s guidelines. Otherwise, Amazon may refuse receipt of your shipment when it arrives at its Fulfillment Centers. Below you will find what you need to know.

FBA Prep Service UK requirements

When registering your products to your Amazon seller account, Amazon provides you with detailed guidance for products that require special packaging and preparation directly online.

The list of special categories of preparation includes:

  • Fragile
  • Liquids / Gels
  • Textiles
  • Plush / Baby
  • Sharp
  • Small
  • Adult

Whether you’re selling baby products, liquids, or breakable items, Amazon has guidelines for everything. 

Labeling and barcode requirements

All products shipped to Amazon FBA must contain a unique, correct. Scannable barcode for Fulfillment Centers to identify and record as they arrive. If Amazon can’t read the barcode on your product, they are likely to run into problems. Such as determining what your item is, who it belongs to, or where it needs to go. Proper label application will ensure the correct unit is received and your inventory accounted for.

Amazon FBA Prep Service UK distinguishes between products that need to be labeled. And products that already contain an eligible manufacturer’s barcode. The latter is called “Seamless, Adhesive-Free Inventory” and can ship products to Amazon. Fulfillment Centers without having to label them first. Next, we will clarify your two barcode options for shipping to FBA:

  • Use existing manufacturer barcodes (for qualified products only)
  • Print Amazon barcodes/labels from your Amazon seller account
  • No Label, Combined Inventory

Some products qualify to use the manufacturer’s barcode. If your barcode preference is set to this, the manufacturer’s barcode will be used to identify. And track your inventory throughout Amazon’s fulfillment process. 

Finally, using the manufacturer’s barcode as your label option allows Amazon to provide fast shipping on that particular product. It will also save you time and money since you don’t have to apply Amazon barcodes to their products.

Labeling your products yourself

If your products are not eligible for unlabeled combined inventory, you must label your products with FBA labels. And you must meet Amazon’s label requirements for your shipment to reach Amazon Fulfillment Centers quickly and accurately. 

When creating your FBA Prep shipping plan, step three will allow you to print your labels. You will need to send these to your freight forwarder if you are not labeling the products (and boxes) yourself.

Schedule deliveries to Amazon FBA Prep Service UK

Scheduling appointments to successfully deliver your products on Amazon must also follow specific guidelines. Complete the Booking Form and specify the requested information. Such as the number of pallets and boxes and the order number, which is your Amazon reference ID.

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