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Driving School Automatic: Can You Take The Auto Car Test?

by janeausten
Driving School Automatic

The use of automatic cars has increased progressively in recent years, bringing changes in some regulations and specialties of driving school automatic. So now, it is possible to search for a driving instructor near me automatic and perform an auto car review without any problem.

However, there are some crucial factors to remember if you want to take your driving test in an automatic car. Know all the details shared by driving school automatic.

Requirements to obtain a driving license for automatic cars

To get a driving permit for automatic cars, it is necessary to meet some essential needs described below:

  • Have a minimum age of 18 years, although it is possible to attend and take the theoretical tests months in advance. However, the practical test must be carried out with age reached.
  • Find a driving school automatic that can grant you the permit. For this, we recommend starting the registration and enrollment in the driving school! 
  • You must also be authorized by a medical center recognized to carry out and evaluate your psychophysical conditions required to drive cars of this type.
  • Carry out and pass the theoretical test to grant a driving license for automatic cars.
  • Take and pass the automatic vehicle driving test.

Institutions where you can get a driving license for automatic cars

Special driving permits for automatic cars are obtained at driving school automatic. But, it is vital to be clear that not all institutions currently have the endorsement to give this card.

The school or institution to which you must go to receive the corresponding accreditation must have the power to grant special permits for automatic cars.

In addition, it must have the necessary regulations and conditions adapted to the rules.

It is also essential to remember that this type of permit, compared to the standard driving license, has a higher cost!

Aspects to take into account before getting your driving license for automatic cars

Although it is an ideal permit for those who do not have a manual vehicle or have difficulties driving this car, you must know some details before obtaining your license.

Limitations to drive

Although this is a permit with which you can drive cars, it is essential to note that you can only drive automatic vehicles.

So it will not be possible for you to drive a manual transmission vehicle. However, with a manual car license, it is possible to drive both classes of cars: manual and automatic. This is due to differences in performance compared to a manual car.

Tests to perform

The tests that must be passed for accreditation for automatic cars are similar to the standard card. This includes the theoretical exam.

In the same way, it will be necessary to pass a practical exam, which must be carried out only in an automatic car.

Penalties for driving a manual car with a special permit for automatic

As we mentioned before, the special license to drive automatic cars. Will only allow the use of vehicles of this type. Therefore, you will be sanctioned with a financial fine if you choose to use a manual car.

In addition, you will also lose the score obtained in the accreditation of said permit. And additionally, they will immobilize the car driven without the respective license.

On the other hand, if you have a traffic accident when driving a manual car with an automatic permit. You will lose insurance coverage, so you will have to assume the repair charge. And everything said accident entails.

Who is this type of special permit for automatic cars aimed at?

The special permit to drive automatic cars can be requested by anyone over 18 years of age. Who meets the corresponding requirements. However, due to the limitations included in this license, it is not recommended for people. Who can and need to drive manual transmission vehicles.

The only people advised obtaining this license are those with some physical limitation or difficulty driving manual transmission vehicles.

Obtaining a regular B driving license is advisable for people with the possibility. And ability to drive cars with a manual transmission. This license will allow you to drive vehicles of any transmission up to 3.5 tons.

On the other hand, this automatic car license will allow you to drive various types of automatic vehicles. Whether transmission by torque converter, double clutch, or CVT.

Advantages of the automatic car license

Although obtaining this type of permit brings with it some critical limitations, it also includes its advantages:

Tests to perform

The tests at driving school automatic to be carried out to obtain this type of card are similar. To those carried out to get the standard permit.

The driving mechanism is more accessible in the practical test

Due to the absence of the clutch pedal, conducting the practical test may be more accessible.

Obtaining the normal permit

You will be able to take the relevant exams under the guidance of a driving instructor near me automatic . For the standard driving license when you feel more prepared.

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