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Bought Pony tail Palm From Online Garden Centre? Check These Care Tips

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Some people love to grow trees and houseplants. If you are also one among them and often visit plant nurseries to decorate your home, you must be cautious about taking care of these plants. If you have bought a Pony tail palm to enhance the beauty of your home, it’s possible that the garden centre has already informed you about its care. However, there might still be some questions regarding nutrition and other things in your mind. That’s why we have brought this article to you. Read it thoroughly and help the palm prosper successfully. 

Watering the Plant

One of the most crucial aspects of plant care is watering it correctly. The Ponytail Palm, thankfully, is a low-maintenance plant that requires just infrequent watering. If the soil is dry, it’s time to water your palm. This plant will die rapidly if given too much water, so wait until the soil is completely dry before giving it any more. This palm prefers dry conditions and shouldn’t have more than an average of 14 days between waterings. However, you just need to water it once a month in winter. 

Required Sunlight For The Pony tail Plant

After learning how often and how often to water your Ponytail palm, we can discuss how much sun it should get. This palm is native to Mexico, with a warm and sunny climate. Direct sunlight may burn the Pony tail Palm’s leaves. Thus, indirect sunlight is preferable. As long as it doesn’t receive direct sunshine all day, it may go anywhere that is brightest in your home. It performs well with a few hours of morning or evening sunshine, but it should be protected from the stronger midday sun.

On the other hand, winter days have less daylight since the sun is lower in the sky. Your Pony tail Palm may benefit from direct sunshine, so feel free to relocate it near a window if that’s more convenient. 

Adequate Soil For The Ponytail Palm Growth

Ponytail palms like dry conditions. Thus watering them is only necessary if the soil is completely dry. Using soil formulated specifically for Ponytail Palms can benefit your plant immensely. Using the proper soil can keep your plant from getting too much water and provide it with the ideal conditions for growth. If you want to keep your Pony tail palm healthy, you won’t overwater your plant if you use this well-draining soil and a container with a drainage hole, which is what you should do. 

Fertilising the Plant

Over time, the soil will lose its nutritional and mineral content regardless of how much water is applied. When you water a palm tree, you’re not just replacing the water the tree uses but also the minerals and nutrients it needs to thrive. That’s the reason organic fertiliser should be used. Spring and summer are the best times to apply liquid fertiliser, although once a year is sufficient for a slow-release fertiliser.

Over-fertilising or fertilising too soon after repotting will kill your ponytail palm. The root system may be damaged or even burned by even organic fertilisers. 

Pruning the Houseplant

Neither the middle nor the ends of the ponytail palm’s leaves should ever be trimmed.

In contrast to the natural form of the leaves, they will simply brown and be left with a slanted end. To maintain the desired height, cutting off stems at the plant’s crown might stimulate the development of new shoots closer to the ground. However, limiting the size of the ponytail palm by its container is the most effective method.

The Bottomline

After reading the whole post, you must be aware that the Ponytail Palm can survive in low-water conditions, matures slowly and needs little in the way of maintenance. People often on the go will benefit much from caring for this plant. This is the best plant to buy from an online garden centre. 

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