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Benefits of the Segway

by janeausten

The advantages of the Segway summes up quickly. Quite apart from the fact that it is still a relatively new and therefore exciting vehicle, the Segway has a number of advantages over both a bicycle and a scooter or moped. First of all, of course, there is the fact that it does not require nearly the level of physical exertion as is the case with a bicycle. At the same time, compared to the scooter, you also protect the environment, since the segway UK powers electric motors. And despite the fact that the vehicle does not have to driven with your own physical strength, driving the Segway requires balance and a certain body awareness, so a certain fun factor also plays a role.

Other advantages

Other advantages include the extremely small turning circle. Since the two wheels of the Segway are driven by separate motors, it is possible for the user to turn on the spot. Thus, the Segway UK is also predestined for use in confusing and hectic areas as well as in warehouses.

Buy a used Segway

The advantages of a Segway cannot dismisses out of hand and if you have already looked at the various Segway models, you may have already noticed that a Segway can no means describes as cheap. The normal Segway i2 costs £229.99 which is why a purchase needs to carefull consider. Of course, you also have the option of buying a used Segway UK– and we would be happy to help you with that.

We at Segway Tours Birmingham naturally work with numerous Segways as part of our tours and also offer young used Segways at attractive prices. With us you can be sure that the equipment is in perfect condition, because as you may have noticed during one of our Segway tours, your safety is very important to us. For this reason, we make sure that our used Segways are not older than 18 months, and the models have usually not covered more than 1,700 km. The vehicles have been freshly services and can of course inspect and tried out by you before you make a purchase. We also offer favorable leasing conditions for tradesmen,

Structure and functionality

Segway Cockpit

The driver stands between two wheels arranged side by side on a platform and can support himself on a handlebar. Segway Uk generally has all-wheel drive. Different speeds of the wheels allow cornering as in tracked vehicles . The vehicle is self-balancing. An electronic control circuit automatically drives the Segway in the direction in which the driver is leaning. As soon as the inclination sensors register that the driver is leaning forwards or backward, the wheels turn in that direction. Swiveling the steering rod (about an axis that runs horizontally forward at the level of the platform) to the right or left causes the corresponding cornering or turning when stationary. As soon as the driver leans to the side with the steering rod. This is notice the inclination sensors and The respective wheel rotates more slowly, causing cornering.


The product development and the establishment of the production swallow up more than 100 million pounds in venture capital and were accompanies by many rumors that were fueled by the prominence of the inventor and his negotiating partners in the capital acquisition The first public demonstration of the device was on December 3, 2001 on the television show Good Morning UK. Steve Jobs predicted the vehicle would be the future of urban transportation, and believed Segway Inc. would reach billions in sales before long. By 2009, sales fell short of expectations, totaling a good 50,000 vehicles. One of the reasons for the lack of distribution is the purchase price (in UK from about 8,000 pounds(as of 2010)). A replacement battery costs 1400 pound, the average service life of a battery is three years.

The first generation Segways  still have a rigid handlebar with a rotary handle for steering. Since August 2006, only second-generation vehicles produces, equipped with Lean Steer steering, a wireless info key and an electronic immobilizer.

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