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Mental Health Care Center with the Best Psychiatrists in Multan

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Pakistan is a country that is still struggling to provide basic and quality healthcare to its people. The healthcare sector is one of the biggest yet most neglected sectors in our country. Every hospital in Pakistan lacks some facilities. Many governments came and made new policies regarding healthcare but very few succeeded due to the lack of monitoring and evaluation of the policies. There is no sustainable plan for healthcare in our country, the policies change with every new government.
Professional psychiatrists, skin specialists, and Physiotherapists also need in every hospital.

There are many factors and elements in healthcare which need attention. The tragedy is, we give too much importance to some segments and completely ignore others when all the segments are equally important. For example, in our country, we give too much attention and importance to MBBS doctors and ignore the other medical fields. But the most neglected part of health is mental health.

For decades, mental health wasn’t even considered as part of our health. The World health organization changed the definition of health and added that being healthy doesn’t only mean the absence of any kind of disease, in fact, it is a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual, and social wellness. This means that our health does not rely on just our physical health.

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is a part of our health, a person is considered to be mentally healthy when he feels no depression, stress, or irregular thoughts. Overthinking, depression, anxiety, or stress can make a person unhealthy. When a person is not mentally healthy, he won’t be able to make decisions in life. It will be hard for him to think straight. If he is not mentally in a good place, he will find even a little daily life task hard.

Mental illnesses make your life harder. It makes you feel bad about yourself. People with any mental illness usually have low self-esteem and confidence. Mental illnesses like depression and anxiety just suck the energy out of the person. A depressed person always feels drained and usually starts to sleep a lot more than the regular days. Because for him sleep is the only way out, the only escape from reality and its hardships. He won’t go for treatment and hesitate to go to psychiatrists.

What Can Happen if Mental Sickness is Left Untreated?

If you leave a physical sickness untreated, negligence can have serious consequences. The disease can get severe and can spread into the body, or it can grow into another stage. Sometimes, people lose their lives due to the late diagnosis of any disease. That is why doctors say that early diagnosis can save lives. The same is the case in mental health, when you neglect it for a long time it can also cost you your life.

Mental illness creates hopelessness in a person. A person sees no hope in life, he feels he is a failure and nothing can help him and no one can understand him. They took a lot of societal pressure and end up committing suicide. We see many young people especially students commit suicide due to the societal pressure of education, career, and social life. Suicide is a worst-case scenario, in other cases, a person can go completely isolated, can get rough and rude, and can go hard on himself. If a person is treated properly by professional psychiatrists and treatment can be overcome it.

What Should We Do?

When you feel depressed or anxious, talking to someone you trust can help a lot. Sometimes we need someone to listen to us, and pouring our hearts out in front of a person who understands us is also a kind of therapy. But sometimes, the situation cannot be handled by a friend or a family member. Some cases need professional help. MASH’S psychiatrist in Multan can help you in a professional way. They are experts in their work and they know how to deal with people with different mental health issues.

Where to Go?   

Mukhtar A. Sheikh is the best hospital in Pakistan, situated in Multan, South Punjab. It is one of the best hospitals in Multan and is known for its quality services. They have a separate mental health care center named spring clinic in which they provide help to people who are suffering from mental health issues. mashospital.org/spring-clinic/ is dedicated to treating people of all ages with mental health issues. If you live in Multan and are facing any kind of mental illness, visit spring clinic as they have the most qualified and professional psychologists, psychiatrists, and therapists on board, who have a broad experience in their fields. They are committed to making their patients’ lives better so they can live prosperous life ahead. 

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