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Fortress Tax Relief

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Fortress Tax Relief
1. Why is my retirement/pension subject to income tax?

Tax the earnings of the fourth category are those from: … retirements, pensions, withdrawals or subsidies of any kind as soon as they originate from personal work” being the body of application the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues).

2. Is there a differential table for the southern provinces of our country?
3. Why can withholding vary throughout the year?

a) Variation in credit: If you have a change in your credit, either due to salary increases, such as when you receive a retroactive payment that corresponds to the current fiscal period, it will cause the Fortress Tax Relief values ​​to vary with respect to previous months and reflect changes in withholdings for the following months.
b) Original presentation and modifications to the affidavits F.572: Both the original presentation and the modifications made will have an impact on the calculation.
c) Rate according to the section on the scale of art.90: As the amount to withhold depends on your Net Profit Subject to Tax, if it increases it may happen that:

5. Why does my partner, who earns the same salary as me, receive less income tax deduction?

a) Family responsibilities: Family responsibilities include: Spouse and/or children up to 18 years of age. 

Those family members who are actually in charge of the beneficiary and do not have net annual income that exceeds $42,318 or $3,526 per month are family responsibilities.
b)Medical Assistance Services: The amounts paid as quotas or credits to institutions that provide medical assistance coverage, corresponding to the beneficiary and members of the family group under his care.
c) Life Insurance: Refers to the amounts paid as insurance premiums that cover the risk of death. 
and)Interest on Mortgage Credits: From the installments paid, the Law allows the deduction of interest on mortgage credits for the purchase or construction of housing

g)Domestic Service: The amounts paid to domestic staff as compensation for services and employer contributions.
h) Donations: Donations made to National, Provincial and Municipal organizations or institutions for public good activities expressly exempted by the AFIP, indicating the CUIT of the Institution. (RG 1815 of the AFIP).

7. Can I deduct the expenses for the purchase of medicines from the income tax?

Expenses for medications are not deductible in Income Tax.

8. Can the cohabitant be counted as a family burden?
9. Can I deduct expenses for hospitalization in geriatric establishments?

Expenditures for this concept are not deductible from Income Tax.

10. What are the ceilings for my deductions?
  • Prepaid: 5% of the accumulated Net Profit for the year.
  • Life insurance: Up to $996.23 per year.
  • Burial expenses of the taxpayer or dependents: Up to $996.23.
  • Donations to public good entities: Up to 5% of the accumulated net profit.
  • Expenses for paid medical services: 40% of the amount declared is considered, provided that it does not exceed 5% of the accumulated net profit.
  • Interest on mortgage loans: Up to $20,000 per year.
  • Domestic service payment: $51,967 per year (salary + contributions + ART.).
  • Rentals: $51,967 per year.
  • Travel expenses: $20,786.80 per year.
12. Where does the withheld money go?

To the AFIP (Federal Administration of Public Revenues).

13. How is it calculated?
  1. Gross Profit , settled through IAF and other paying agents declared in F.572web.
  2. We subtract Social Security Contributions, Mandatory Life Insurance and Group Forces Insurance.
  3. As a result we obtain the Net Profit.
  4. From the Net Profit we subtract the Non-Taxable Minimum (special/specific deduction and Non-Taxable Profit) and personal deductions (F.572).
  5. We obtain the Net Profit Subject to Tax.
  6. Discount Rate applies , according to current tables.
  7. We obtain the Determined Tax (annual).
  8. From the Determined Tax we subtract the tax already withheld from January to the settlement date.
  9. As a result, we finally get the monthly withholding to be discounted.
14. When I collect the Christmas bonus

Likewise, in the months in which the complementary annual salary installments are paid, the employer will not consider the gross profit for such a concept for the determination of the income tax in the respective months.

15. How to make the presentation of the DDJJ of Earnings through the AFIP site?

To present the Affidavit of Earnings through the AFIP website, it is a requirement to have a tax code.

  • If you do not have a tax code, you must generate it at the AFIP headquarters. Only this body can grant you the fiscal key. For more information.
  • Once you have entered, on the top right you will see a sign in blue that indicates “Access with tax code”.
  • Choose this option. Clicking will open a window. In it you must place your CUIL number and the tax code that you processed in AFIP.
  • With these registered data, choose the option SIRADIG – WORKER. If this session does not appear in your options, you must load it as follows:
  • Enter “Administrative Services – Fiscal Key” (located above).
  • Then click on “Fiscal Key Relations Manager”.
  • Select “Add Services”.
  • Choose the “AFIP” option.
  • Then select the option “Interactive Services”.
  • Look in the list (which is arranged alphabetically) for the option SIRAGIG – WORKER.
  • Once you have entered the “SIRADIG – WORKER” session, start recording your personal data, your deductions to declare and finally press “Send form to employer”.
16. At what time must form 572 WEB be submitted?

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