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Benefits Of Tow Truck Over Other Material Handling Equipment

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Material handling involves all the processes of moving loads using pallets and other carriage systems. Forklifts are commonly used material handling equipment for their ready availability, compactness, and versatility. Forkless solutions like pallet trolleys are on the rise, providing more efficient solutions than other vehicles. 

They can handle more goods than forklifts and are also easier to operate. Such capabilities put most enterprises in a spot, torn between other material-handling equipment and forkless tow trucks. 

Below are some benefits of using tow trucks instead of material handling equipment with forks:

What is a Tow Truck?

A tow truck or pallet trolley is a forkless material handling equipment that operates by pulling one or more load carriers. The trolley pulls cargo from behind when supplying materials like pallets in a warehouse and is highly efficient for moving many goods instantly. These offer a better solution to material handling than other solutions with forks.

Benefits of Tow Trucks over other Equipment

1. Increased Cost-Efficiency with Reduced Movement

Forklifts and other material handling equipment will work the entire day to reach the day’s material loading and unloading quota. This back-and-forth movement gets costlier when businesses have to retain a huge workforce and fleet of equipment.

A pallet trolley can cut down the operation time, reduce the number of staff and still reach the daily load quota. Moreover, since there is minimal damage to the inventory, a forkless solution is great for saving money.

2. Intuitive Drive

A pallet trolley is easy to get on and off, with easy-to-understand operation features. New operators will easily learn how to operate these vehicles without much input. These tow trucks operate more like driving a car on the road. The seats are comfortable, with a 360-degree view, intuitive controls, and options for a closed cabin.

Pallet trolleys offer workers much-needed comfort when working long hours, unlike tow trucks, forklifts, reach trucks, and complicated stackers. Most forklifts also lack suspension systems which can get uncomfortable working long hours. Sometimes the loads carried can obstruct views, causing damages and accidents.

3. Safer Transportation Alternative

Tow trucks operate by pulling goods in carriers and other light carts that are easy to move across the working space. They maintain safety by having bulky materials behind the truck preventing unforeseen accidents.

Unlike forks prone to dropping goods in transportation, tow trucks minimize damage while ensuring the safety of workers. Their ability to handle multiple loads at once helps reduce traffic in the workspace.

4. Increased Operation Flexibility

With the choices of pallet trolleys available, there is a solution for all application types. Businesses get to pick a combination that directly meets their operational goals. The additional flexibility of tow trucks allows them to transport palletized and non-palletized SKUs, which is ideal for material handling and picking.

The load capacities range from 2 to 6 tonnes, with a seating or standing option for indoor and outdoor usage. They are flexible, like forked equipment that must conform to the intended role.

5. Great Move to an Electric Future

Though electric, these forklifts still run on diesel, a fossil fuel. On the other hand, tow trucks are all electric-powered ground movement vehicles offering a clean solution for sustainable energy usage.

These can help move any load where needed within the stipulated time. Additionally, tow trucks have Lithium-ion or lead-acid batteries supplying a desirable amount of power and speed as needed.

6. Lean and Efficient Handling of Loads

Tow trucks for sale are great for companies aiming at lean approach principles when handling the material. They can eliminate waste and offer maximum added value and operational efficiency. Considering tractors can move goods on multiple trains, tow trucks help achieve a smooth workflow in the warehouse.

As a result, overall productivity increases since a tow truck eliminates the need for equipment like forklifts making multiple trips for the same quantity of equipment. In addition, it reduces wastage and focuses on sustainable material handling practices.

These benefits make it evident how tow trucks are changing the material handling sector with lean solutions. These vehicles reduce human effort, improve efficiency, and save workers time on other crucial operation sections. These trucks are built to conform to any indoor or outdoor environment. While material handling equipment with forks is still great, it is time for industries to consider sustainable alternatives.

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