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A Thorough Review of Cerner EMR Vs Meditech EMR 

by janeausten
Cerner EMR

These two pieces of software are well-regarded in the world of EMR medical care software. Each of them supplies an efficient number of solutions for the objectives for which they are intended to be used. Both are abundant in terms of the value they bring to their customers, particularly when it comes to operational use and fielding of the program. In terms of the services, they provide to their consumers, they are extremely comparable. Furthermore, the specialty they cater to is fairly similar. Their construct’s usability is developed with the end user in mind. 

Cerner EMR Software Outline 

Cerner’s PowerChart Ambulatory EHR is a solution designed for doctors working in hospitals and ambulatory settings. Cerner EMR is intended to aid in the building of multi-entity electronic medical records. This system can be hosted on-premises or in the cloud. It includes a number of built-in templates that span a variety of specialties, allowing it to serve a wide spectrum of medical providers. Cerner EMR is ONC-ATCB accredited, as well as Meaningful Use Stages 1 and 2. Its patient portal assists office personnel in managing patient communication. It does that by issuing appointment reminders and providing patients. All that is online access to their medical records. 

Cerner EMR helps office personnel manage medical record processes. That is done by coordinating treatment across different locations and practitioners. While also providing customizable documentation alternatives. These alternatives are mirrored in the database of clinical data templates. As well as, customizable process workflows, and patient chart options provided by the system. PowerChart Touch is also accessible for healthcare providers who require mobile workflow. The software can be accessed through tablets and smartphones. Cerner provides phone help, FAQs, and an online client portal. 

Couple of key features of Cerner EMR: 

  •  Claims Management. 
  • Compliance Tracking. 
  • Appointment Scheduling. 
  • Patient Records Management. 
  • Meaningful Use Certified. 
  • Voice Recognition. 
  • Charting. 

Cerner EMR Demo 

The customer must take only a few steps to request a demo from the company. The customer must visit the company’s website, click on the “Contact Us” option on the menu bar, and then click on the “Request Info” button. there they will have to fill out a form. Following that, the sales representative will contact the customer to advise them of the software’s features. And whether or not the product is a good fit for the customer. Cerner EMR software is not available for a free trial. 

Cerner EMR Pricing 

Cerner’s pricing is not listed on the company’s website. Any interested customer can visit any third-party vendor’s website and request a pricing quote. Cerner’s pricing approach includes offering customer price packages to their customers. There is also no free version of the software. 

Cerner EMR Reviews 

Cerner EMR has been carefully reviewed on the internet, with largely positive feedback. The software is rated 3.5\5 at G2.com based on ‎231 user reviews. It is also rated 4\5 at softwareadvise.com based on ‎147 user reviews. 

Meditech EMR Software Featurette 

Meditech EMR assists healthcare facilities in managing their day-to-day operations. In order to deliver more effective treatment and better customer service. It is used by healthcare companies of all sizes to handle duties such as charting and recording, scheduling, revenue management, and more. It enables clinicians to electronically document and chart patient information. That results in increased efficiency, increased revenue, and improved healthcare quality. It also assists organizations in managing at-home patient duties. also placing orders, scheduling appointments, billing for services, and document management.  

Meditech EMR delivers continuity of care documents that feature vital information regarding a patient’s visit. Also, hospital stay in an effort to promote interoperability with other systems. These can be printed or electronically transferred and carried with the patient to subsequent visits. or meetings with physicians outside of the system. The software offers 24/7 support for handling data. Also, it offers backups, recovery management, mobile access, regular upgrades, and ongoing maintenance 

Couple of key features of Meditech: 

  • Appointment Scheduling. 
  • E-Prescribing. 
  • Compliance Tracking. 
  • Self-Service Portal. 
  • Medical Billing. 
  • Time Tracking by Client. 
  • Patient Intake. 

Meditech EMR Demo and How to Ask for It 

Obtaining a Meditech EMR demo is a simple and quick process. The customer must visit the company’s website and complete a simple form. Following that, the sales representative will contact the customer to deliver software information. Meditech EMR does not come with a free trial period. 

Meditech EMR Pricing and How to Get the Deal?

Meditech does not publish pricing information for its software on its official website. Pricing for Insight EMR varies depending on the customer’s demands. Everything is part of their pricing strategy. There is presently no free version of Meditech’s EHR software. 

Meditech EMR Reviews and How do They Stack Up?

Meditech does not have a lot of positive feedback on the internet. However, the available reviews partially suggest the software to others. The reviewers discuss the features and how they aid them in their operational workflow. Meditech is rated 4\5 at Forbes based on the industry’s expert reviewers. 

Major Drawbacks of Each Software 


  • The software has can’t customize a worklist or prioritize patients. 
  • The software has limited built-in templates. 
  • The software lacks insurance verification. 
  • The software has a challenging integration process. 


  • The software lacks a dashboard feature. 
  • The software doesn’t offer any handwriting recognition.  
  • The navigation through the software is slow due to too many clicks.  
  • The users have the ability to manually refresh in order to send orders after signing. 

Future Prospects of Each Software 

Both businesses continually invest in their future. Meditech just opened new offices in new locations. They used this to help and attract new clients, as well as to broaden their client portfolio. Cerner also invested a portion of its profits in software development in order to cater to more niches. Additionally, additional functionality for existing users will be added. Each software company is expanding its offerings. They are also expanding their customer base by adding new and up-to-date capabilities to their EMR. 


Within the EMR range, both organizations excel at their respective functions. Nonetheless, they are intended for various specialties. The customer’s choice of EMR software should be based on their needs. They also consider the criteria of their healthcare facility. In addition, the specializations for which they intend to use EMR software. As a result, the customer must conduct an internal examination. And make a decision based on which software best suits their operational model. 

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