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by janeausten

There are many Instagram accounts available online these days. Each modded version comes with its own pros and cons. SamMods has produced a unique Insta Mod. It is brilliant and the most advanced. Let me introduce you to the latest Insta Thunder Apk version.

If you’ve been using Insta mod mods such as Gb or you want to explore new features, then you’re in the right place. With the ability to download photos, videos, and other content to Instagram thunder, you have great privacy. You can also customize the app with amazing options.

In this article we’ll discuss the latest Insta Thunder mod and its specs. We will also discuss shortcuts and tricks that will elevate your Instagram game.

Get Insta Thunder Updated Version

Instagram doesn’t allow users to save videos and photos on their phones. They can only be saved in an app that requires internet access. You can save media directly to your phone by following these steps. InstaPro Apk‘s most recent version is now available. Click the button below for the latest version.

Insta Thunder Mod Apk Features

Insta Pro Apk is new to you. Let me tell you its key features so you can decide if this new Instagram is worth the effort. This mod version of Instagram is worth every penny. Let’s get into the details. For another Instagram mod, check out .

Ultra Privacy Feature:

For maximum privacy, download Instagram thunder to keep yourself out of the limelight. In other words, your friends won’t know you are typing if you text them. Instead of the “typing” appearing, they will get your message directly.

This feature allows you to hide the story view. If you’re stalking someone, this feature will work well for you. Hidden status is another feature that protects your privacy. This means that even though you see the message, it won’t show the “seen status”. You can also read the messages of others and reply later if you’re not feeling motivated to reply.

You can easily download photos and reels:

Insta thunder allows you to download any instagram post in seconds. You can download any photo, video, reel, or story. You can also save IG videos on your phone, which is a great addition. You can see the saved item in the gallery by simply tapping on the save button. To download any Instagram content, you must first install third-party apps. This puts your Instaareo at high-security risk. Insta Thunder’s new version makes it easy to download everything.

No Ads

Insta thunder offers an ad-free experience, unlike other Instagram mods. With insta thunder, you can now watch reels and videos uninterruptedly without any third-party ads blocking software.

Download Media in Maximum Quality:

Third-party apps can ruin the quality and appearance of videos, photos, or reels. Insta thunder allows users to download media and photos in high resolution. Now you don’t need to worry about media quality.

Secure Lock:

This feature insta thunder is great for people who lock their Instagram. To lock Instagram, you don’t need to install a third-party app. You can lock your Instagram with the inbuilt lock by using a pin

In-App translator:

In-app translator is another amazing feature of Instagram thunder. You can also translate captions, comments, and messages of people you follow from other countries. You can translate to English, French, Turkish, Hindi and Turkish.

In-App Browser:

You don’t need to copy and paste a link from someone in dm/comment to open it. Click on the link to open the in-app browser.

Unfollow Tracker

Insta thunder now has an unfollowing tracker, which keeps you informed about who unfollows you. This feature is great for stalkers of all kinds.

DND Mode

Sometimes, you just want to scroll by your feed and not talk to anyone. The Do Not Disturb mode is the solution. You can disable all calls, messages, and notifications in this mode.

  • Additional Features
  • Double-tap can be enabled or disabled.
  • Triple tap to download media
  • Tap for a bit longer to zoom the picture
  • To open the camera or DM, disable swipe
  • You can copy comments
  • You can copy the bio of someone you like if you’re interested.

How to Download and Install Insta Thunder Apk

  1. After reading the amazing features, you will want to download Insta Thunder Latest Version. Follow these steps to enjoy all the benefits.
  2. First, you must uninstall Instagram official app
  3. Click the button below to download the latest version of Instagram thunder
  4. After the download is complete, you can go to settings and enable “Unknown Sources”.
  5. Install Insta Thunder by going to your downloads
  6. Start the app, enter your login details, and enjoy!


Insta Thunder is a brand new mod apk that offers many new features. Follow the steps to install the latest Insta Thunder apk. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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