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Impounded van insurance

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Impounded van insurance

We understand that your van is not just a vehicle for you, it is an essential part of your daily life and business. We pride ourselves on providing cheap impounded van insurance policies that cover your particular requirements.

If your van has been impounded, no matter what was the reason behind it, it will be tough to get comprehensive cover to release it and back on the road. By searching our panel of specialist insurance providers, we can offer you our special impounded van insurance cover to meet your requirements.

Impounded van insurance

Impounded van insurance is required if your van is impounded and you need proof of insurance to retrieve it. Having your van impounded by the police can be an immensely stressful and worrying time and we understand that finding an insurance company to cover you when your van is impounded can also be stressful. So let us take the stress out and make the load a bit lighter. We can arrange cover for 30 days which will allow you to release your van and provide cover for 30 days.

Why are the vehicles impounded by the police?

The police impound vehicles to try and clamp down on vehicles not insured. The authorities generally run various operations throughout the years where they target uninsured drivers while patrolling or using vehicle registration numbers to see the current status of the vehicle. Your van can be impounded for a number of reasons such as:

  • Driving without a valid driving license
  • Not having insurance
  • Parking on public roads
  • Parking on private land without a SORN (statutory Off Road Notification)
  • Driving the van in a dangerous or careless manner what is causing distress
  • The van is blocking the road

Why can’t you use standard insurance to collect an impounded van?

Most insurance providers will not insure you to get your van out of the police pound. It is because there are specialist insurance policies to allow the release of impounded vehicles at reasonable prices. We are offering a 30-day policy or annual policy that will allow the release of the van.

Release my vehicle can offer you a solution to releasing an impounded van from the police pound providing a quick 30-day insurance cover. Check out the benefits and features to release the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

  • Insurance quote in a few minutes
  • Cover for drivers with pending convictions
  • Quick cover to release an impounded van
  • 30-day insurance policy for impounded vans
  • The insurance certificate mailed to you quickly

How can you insure an impounded van?

Insuring an impounded van is easier than some may think and with the right person to talk you through the procedure. It is not as complicated as it sounds either. Release my vehicle can help in finding you an impounded van policy that is customized to your personal situation.

If your van has been impounded as a result of you driving it without a valid driving license or valid insurance or a similar offense. You may have been temporarily or permanently suspended from driving. This can understandably cause distress as far as getting your van out of the police pound is concerned. Whatever the case for your incapacity to drive your van. If this is the case, you will more likely need to nominate another driver with a valid driving license to collect the van on your behalf.

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