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What You Need To Know About the Exam?

by janeausten
About the Exam

Every person planning to take the Idaho Bar Exam should know what they’re getting in to. This article provides a list of things that you need to know about the exam before taking it so that you can avoid some of the common mistakes people make when studying for it.

What is the Idaho Bar Exam?

The Idaho Bar Exam is a multistate law entrance examination administered by the American Bar Association. The exam is composed of three parts: an essay question, a legal analysis question, and a two-part multiple choice question.

The essay question asks applicants to analyze an hypothetical situation and provide a legal opinion. The legal analysis question asks applicants to answer questions concerning common law doctrines, statutory provisions, and case law. The two-part Multiple Choice Question asks applicants about specific facts in a given case.

Practice of Law

Candidates who pass the Bar Exam are admitted to practice law in the state of Idaho. In order to be successful on the exam, students must study for months leading up to the test. Many law schools offer preparation courses that focus specifically on the Idaho Bar Exam.

Consult with an attorney

The Idaho Bar Exam is difficult, but it is not impossible to pass. If you are planning on taking the exam, make sure to study carefully and consult with an attorney, and must consider past bar exams which can help you prepare for the test.

When Will The Next Idaho Bar Exam Be Held?

The Idaho bar exam is administered by the Supreme Court of Idaho and is required for admission to practice law in the state. The next bar exam will be held in February 2020.

The Idaho bar exam is composed of three sections: a multiple-choice section, an essay section, and a brief court procedure section. The multiple-choice section covers constitutional law, criminal law, civil procedure, contracts, torts, legal research and writing.

The essay section asks questions about the analysis of legal materials and the application of legal principles. The brief court procedure section covers topics such as pleadings, discovery, motions and arbitration.

Important Study Topics

To prepare for the exam, students should study constitutional law, criminal law, civil procedure, contracts, torts and legal research and writing. They should also take practice exams to increase their confidence in their abilities.

How Much Does it Cost to Take the Idaho Bar Exam?

The Idaho bar exam costs $235. This includes the cost of the test, an official score report, and a kit for taking the test. You can also purchase an optional subject review package that will help you improve your score on the bar exam. The Idaho bar exam is offered in February, May, August, and December each year.


The Idaho Bar Exam is open to anyone who meets the requirements, and the test consists of three sections:

  • The Multistate Professional Responsibility Test (MPRE), the Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), and the Idaho Lawyer’s Examination.
  • To qualify for the bar exam in Idaho, you must have graduated from an accredited law school that is approved by the American Bar Association (ABA) or have received a Certificate of Legal Education from a law school not accredited by the ABA.
  • You must also pass The Multistate Professional Responsibility Test (MPRE) with a score of 70 percent or higher.
  • The MBE section of the bar exam covers substantive law topics in areas such as property, contracts, torts, trusts, criminal law, and constitutional law.
  • The Idaho Lawyer’s Examination assesses your skill in applying legal principles to real-world situations.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Degree After Passing the Idaho Bar Exam?

Assuming you have a good GPA and meet all other eligibility requirements, the Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) will assign you a lawyer to help you prepare for the bar exam. The LRS will also provide you with a study guide and practice questions.

To pass the Idaho bar exam, you need to score at least 156 on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). If you are in good standing with the Idaho Supreme Court, it is possible to take the bar examination without meeting this score. However, most attorneys recommend that you score at least 156 on the MBE.

There are three sessions per year in which lawyers can take the bar examination; January, July, and December. Each session has two parts: an MBE section and a written section. The January session is usually the easiest to pass, while the December session is generally harder.


If you are planning on taking the exam, there are a few things that you need to know. The process of taking the bar exam is long and arduous, but with enough preparation and hard work, it is definitely achievable.

 In this article, we will outline some of the key things that you need to know in order to prepare for and take the bar exam. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue becoming a lawyer in Idaho.

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