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Benefits of UV  Colour Fastness for your Laminates

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For every person, renovation of their home or owning their first home is a big achievement. We dream about how it would look. what colour would be perfect? How will we decorate the entire house? And the list goes on. Therefore, we invest in a long-term solution when you start your home renovation or decoration of a new one. So be it your wall colours or the surface materials we use, the pigmentation matters.

We always want our surface coverings to be long-lasting and contain proper pigmentation. But due to our lack of knowledge, we get confused bout what we should choose and what not to do. One of the mistakes we repent for is the longevity of colour on the surface materials. To avoid colour fading issues and other pigmentation-related factors, you must take care of one factor: the UV Colour fastness of the surface material.

If you’ve opted for PVC oracrylic laminates for the surface layering of your house, you need to know about the facts of UV colour fastness. Let’s find out the benefits of UV colour fastness for laminates.

What is UV Colour Fastness?

Colour fastness means the ability of any textile or other material to retain its colour after getting exposed to different challenges. The common challenges for any surface laminate are exposure to light, loss of colour, rub fastness, chemical resistance and others. On the other hand, mechanical rubbing, thermal stability and temperature fluctuation are the factors behind the poor colour fastness. The exposure of  UV rays on the surface layers affects the colour pigmentation critically. If you’re using high-pressure laminates in the exterior of your house, you can be affected by poor colour fastness.      

Why does Colour Fastness Important in Laminates?

We use laminates for better visuals. In our house’s exterior, the PVC laminates are exposed to continuous sun rays and light. Whether you’re using wooden and stone-finished laminates or something else, colour fastness would decide the longevity of colour. Therefore, before choosing laminates for your house, you should check on the colour fastness of the laminates.

It does not matter whether you’re using laminates in the exteriors or interiors; the colour fastness would be a concern. Before checking the labels of the laminates in your nearby stores, let’s glance at the benefits of UV colour fastness of the laminates.

Benefits of UV Colour fastness in the Laminates

If you think that colour fastness is only related to the colours of the laminates, you’re wrong. The feature is worth much more than just maintaining your laminate colours. We’ve discussed some evident advantages of UV colour fastness in the laminate sheets.

Long-lasting Visual aesthetics

You buy laminates for better and more advanced visuals. The UV colour fastness maintains the colours and the designs incorporated in the laminates. Better UV colour fastness will keep the colours and designs properly with other visual properties. Therefore, a proper UV colour fastness would retain long-lasting visual aesthetics.

Proper Pigmentation

Laminate companies, who claim to be the best brands in India, promise us the proper pigmentation in the laminates. Therefore, a proper quality laminate would improve pigmentation for the surface layers with UV colour fastness.

Adaptable to Different Exposures

Laminates used in surface layers are exposed to different exposures like sunlight, chemical, and heat. For kitchen laminates, temperature fluctuation is a constant factor to consider. Therefore, laminates with better adaptability and better colour fastness features are essential. On the flip side, the colour fades faster if you use the laminates for exterior usage. So, it is important to have a better UV colour fastness for better longevity.

Where can you Find the Best Laminates with Colour Fastness?

Now, you must’ve thought about where to find the best laminates with proper colour fastness. We recommend one of the finest laminate manufacturers in India, Royle Touche. As one the oldest laminate providers in the country, we always prefer to serve our customers with great quality products. Suppose you want to install the laminates, which will retain their colour irrespective of exposure; Royale Touche laminates will be your one-stop solution. So, visit our stores today and find the best laminate option from our collection. You cam also check our website for detailed updates.

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