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14 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

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14 programming languages for mobile app development

Only one code for iOS and Android apps were the only available option for developing mobile apps in the past. But the alternatives available to developers for creating apps have greatly increased. This article is to assist you in comprehending the most popular framework and programming languages for mobile app development. Using this knowledge, you may choose which language to invest in and learn for your mobile app. Technically, using programming languages for mobile app development platforms does not require you to know how to code.

It’s time to discuss the famous programming languages for mobile app development. Do these programming languages for apps differ from those used for designing and developing other products? Let’s investigate them. Before that, you can also check Arturo Digital’s thorough and well-researched blogs on how to make an iPhone game app and an enterprise mobile app development company to get a head start on mobile app programming.

14 Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Consider the many mobile applications available before deciding on the finest programming languages for mobile app development. There is an option.

Native Apps: The native app was created specifically for the device’s OS and is accessed through the app launch icon. Because they were created using a platform’s native programming language, these programs are referred to be native. Java is the native coding language for Android OS, while Objective-C or Swift is the native code language for iOS.

Hybrid Apps: They combine native apps with web apps. Like native apps, they can utilize a variety of functionalities on the installed device and be loaded from within the app. Hybrid apps combine web and native apps, making them cross-platform and able to access smartphone capabilities. Only on platforms like Google Play and the App Store can you find these apps.

Here are the 14 most used programming languages for mobile apps development:

1. Java script

Since Android’s 2008 release, Java has been the go-to programming language for mobile app development among Android app developers. In 1995, this object-oriented language was first developed. Despite several flaws, Java is still the most widely used language for developing Android apps since it runs on a virtual computer. Android apps are frequently created using Java, an object-oriented mobile programming alternative. Most other Android languages are regarded as variations or versions of Java.

2. Kotlin

In 2017, Google said it would begin supporting the Kotlin programming language for mobile app development. It is a Java Virtual Machine-based alternative language to conventional Java for Android programming. It is widely used despite being a new language. Because they may use the same data, Kotlin and Java are compatible. You can use Kotlin to access any Java library. The Kotlin programming language complies with Java Bytecode from an execution perspective. It is regarded as a more organized and refined version of Java overall.

3. C++

Because of Objective-C, C++ makes it considerably simpler to create iOS applications. The C language has an extension known as C++. It is advised because you have much control over using too much memory and system resources. It is a strong and adaptable programming language for mobile app development, making the construction of operating systems, browsers, and video games simple. Its attributes make it one of the greatest options for app development, including rich libraries, rapid development, and dynamic memory allocation.

4. C#

Another object-oriented programming language for mobile app development is C# (pronounced C sharp), which Microsoft created. For Android operating systems, it’s a well-liked programming language for both command-line scripting and game development. OutSystems and Kony, two other low-code alternatives, both feature an SDK that supports more than one language. Other system programming languages with syntax akin to C# are used to create mobile apps. The C# code is cross-compiled to operate natively on iOS and Android devices using an IDE for hybrid development.

5. Python


Another all-purpose programming language for mobile app development is Python. Because it is object-oriented, developers can use it for both small- and large-scale deployments. In addition to PWAs, Python is frequently used for web development, task automation, data analytics, and data visualization. The majority of programmers concur that Python presents a little bit of a challenge over Java. It has a higher learning curve than other languages in this category.

6. PHP

In 1994, the universal scripting language PHP made its debut. PHP has a variety of potential applications, but it can also help PWA. That said, it’s not always the greatest programming language for mobile app development. PHP can be used on the backend for application purposes, but HTML, CSS, and JS must still be served on the front end. A PHP-based website wouldn’t have the same appearance, functionality, and feel as a regular PWA. In other words, a progressive web application cannot be produced by PHP alone. But you can still write a lot of your work in PHP.

7. Swift

Swift is a programming language for mobile app development created by Apple Inc. that enables apps to run on various operating systems, including macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS. Its characteristics include a quick coding style, secure data storage, and simple grammar. Additionally, Swift programming is interactive, and the language’s short syntax makes it safer by design. It eliminates unsafe code automatically to create a highly secure coding environment. And you can count on Xcode for the best-integrated development environment.

8. Objective C

Apple first created Objective-C, an object-oriented programming language for mobile app development, to support apps on its platforms. It uses C syntax and incorporates Smalltalk messaging to offer adaptable and simple solutions to programming problems. Given that it was created in 1984, it is an extremely sophisticated and modern programming language. Not only that. It is more dependable than Swift and has excellent C and C++ library compatibility.


It is common practice to create Java mobile apps using the java language, a strongly typed general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It frequently holds the top positions in popularity rankings, coming in second place in the IEEE Spectrum (2020) ratings and on TIOBE (2021), after Python.

10. HTML 5

The most widely used programming language for mobile app development now is HTML5, the most recent version. This aids in organizing and presenting stuff on the internet. Not only is the code clearer and better written, making it easier to learn, but it also provides well-designed forms and ensures better accessibility. This may be the best option if you intend to develop location-based apps. The app development process is effectively managed by its most recent features, such as media elements, multi-platform functionality, and agile market release.

11. Ruby


Ruby is one of the top-rated programming languages for mobile app development. Because of its ease, Ruby is used by many developers to create web apps. The language has been used since 1990 and is still a favorite among developers. Ruby makes it simple to deploy code, but it can be challenging to track bugs and resolve issues. Just have that in mind if you choose this course of action.

12. Rust

For four years running, Rust has been among the easy-to-use programming languages for mobile app development on Stack Overflow. System programming language Rust, sponsored by Mozilla, has a syntax almost identical to C++. Rust is useful in a time-constrained setting and to develop applications across several fields because of its excellent compile-time correctness, quick performance, intuitiveness, and safe memory. Dropbox and Yelp are two examples of Rust.

13. Lua

The quickest programming language for mobile app development is Lua, which is also the easiest to learn. Lua is the greatest option to increase the app’s speed. Lua is useful for many applications, from online to gaming apps. A two-touch conference call and file sharing are made simple using Lua, a small and embeddable scripting language that helps protect real-time communications and analytics dashboards.

14. Action Script

ActionScript is a well-known programming language for mobile app development tools in the tech stack – languages area for the Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR runtime environments. It is an object-oriented programming language that was derived from HyperTalk, which was the HyperCard scripting language. Want to include Adobe Flash Player in your program or website? When creating video games and website animations or motions, Lua excels.


In the world of programming languages, evolution is ongoing. Some programming languages for mobile app development, like Java and JavaScript, are forever favorites and have earned a spot in the top 10. In contrast, others like Kotlin have experienced spectacular growth and joined the top 10. If you are new to programming languages for mobile app development and looking for an app developer, you need an expert to handle what he knows best. Fortunately, Arturo Digital is at the top of its game in developing mobile apps and websites. It is a one-stop shop for you, so get in touch with the representatives.

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