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Adjustments Made By the India Team

by janeausten
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The triumph that Team India achieved in Australia has to be considered one of their most impressive accomplishments achieved outside of India. In the immediate aftermath of the 36-all out in Adelaide, a further string of injuries occurred. When India finally arrived in Brisbane, they had just 10 players remaining from their initial roster. After that, they selected two of their net bowlers into the playing XI of their team. In spite of all of these obstacles, they were able to not only repel an aggressive onslaught from Australia but also break through an sky exchange Gabba stronghold after 32 years.

Despite this, the squad often felt like they were playing from a position of weakness for the majority of the competition. With the exception of Melbourne, the team consistently gave chase to the competition. The emphasis of this article is on a handful of Team India’s excellent development areas that, if addressed, have the potential to make them a global leader for an extended period of time.


India being dismissed for a score of 36 is the statistic that will be remembered most about the first test match played in Adelaide. Even though India’s batting performance was terrible, the team still managed to take a 95-run lead. Unfortuitously, had India not dropped any of the catches that were provided during the first innings, their advantage would have been far larger. And who knows, maybe things might have turned out differently in the end. After all, the pressure of keeping score might make people do strange things.

The catching is the first aspect of their game that the team from India has to work on improving. Even if this didn’t happen during the whole series, one of the characteristics of a global leader is the ability to consistently seize every opportunity. In the event that they do not, it is self-evident that nations such as England, South Africa, and New Zealand would suffer losses.

The depth of the hit

Just take a look at the standings for the World Test Championship; three of the top four countries have formidable batting lineups right up to the number 10 spot. The fourth spot goes to India, much to our regret. In the majority of cases, India’s top six batting order, together with Ashwin and Jadeja, are able to score enough runs to win test matches. However, there is no guarantee that this will always be the case. If your batting depth is strong, you should be able to produce at least a reasonable total in the event that your top-order batsmen fail, or you should be able to stick with the top-order batter. This is likely to be the case on foreign trips, when the top-order batsmen would likely need some time to acclimate to the circumstances.

The seriousness of the situation was shown by the fact that Washington Sundar was chosen to play in place of Kuldeep Yadav in the test that was just finished in Brisbane. I have high hopes that the BCCI would place a more emphasis on this particular aspect and urge the grassroots level to train bowlers who can bat at least well.

Wicket Keepers Deserve Some Clarity

Isn’t it the case that Ravi Shashtri, the head coach of Team India, gives off the impression of being a shrewd man manager? Although this may be the case, it does not seem to be the case with the wicket keepers. Prior to the Australia series, Saha was slated to play in the test matches held in India, while Pant was slated to play abroad. Saha’s inclusion in the starting lineup for the test in Adelaide came as a complete surprise. However, Rishabh Pant took his spot in the very next test after that. Although the context of the score of 36 is reasonable, a player unquestionably requires repeated chances to do better. Both of them must have been thrown off by this. Rishabh Pant still does not seem to have a clear shot at getting it into the starting XI for the match against England, despite the fact that he played a match-winning knock in the Gabba cals.

At the very top level, having a clear head is just as vital as having the talents. The players need to be confident in their long-term prospects, and they need to get clear communication about those prospects. This is not currently occurring, at least not for the wicket keepers.

What are some more aspects of Team India’s play that you believe need to be improved? We would appreciate it if you would share in the comments area.

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