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SAP Evaluation Starts at $255 – Call us at 1-800-683-7745

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An SAP Evaluation for substance use typically lasts up to an hour and occurs in a professional setting, like a doctor’s office. The person being assessed will be questioned about their past history of substance use and their current state of mental and physical health. A urine or blood test for drugs or alcohol will also be part of the evaluation.

Before receiving a license, the DOT (Department of Transportation) requires that all DOT drivers undergo a drug test. (SAP Evaluation near me) A DOT- Qualified professional, such as a physician, therapist, or social worker, must conduct the evaluation.

Finding an DOT Qualified SAP near me

1. We adhere to the norms and regulations of the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the Return to Duty procedure and are DOT Qualified SAP near me (QSAP) with expertise. In other words, we can help you quickly return to work.

2. Have you failed an exam required for employment? We can assist! After a failed pre-employment drug test, we can reinstate your hiring eligibility and clean up your record so your next job application will succeed.

3. Do you have a DUI/DWI in the past? By creating a formal recovery plan and program, we can enhance your court appearance and plea. Our program satisfies the standards set by regional and municipal courts for the correction of DUI and DWI convictions.

4. Do you have a court or probation evaluation coming up? If so, we can create and establish a recovery plan that satisfies the requirements for the Community Supervision and Probation rehabilitation program.

Workers who have broken a DOT drug and alcohol program rule are evaluated by SAPs (DOT professionals), who then offer suggestions for education, treatment, follow-up testing, and ongoing care.

  • Conduct a thorough in-person examination and clinical evaluation to ascertain the extent to which the employee requires support in resolving issues related to alcohol usage or the use of illegal drugs;
  • Suggest an educational or therapeutic program that the employee must follow before returning to DOT safety-sensitive work;
  • Aid the employee’s admittance into a suitable program by acting as a source of referrals.
  • If the employee has successfully complied with the recommendations of the initial evaluation and has made the necessary clinical progress to return to duty, do a face-to-face follow-up examination with the employee.
  • Create and oversee a follow-up testing program for the worker who has successfully complied before returning to work; and Provide suggestions for ongoing care to the employee and employer.

There are several things to consider if you’re looking for an SAP Counselor Near me. The first is that not all SAPs are created equal and might not all provide the same services. To discover an SAP that is a good fit for you, it is crucial to do some research and ask around about the various SAPs in your neighborhood.

It’s important to remember that not all SAPs are licensed. A Master’s degree in counseling, social work, or a similar discipline is required for licensure as an SAP, as well as completion of a training course that has been approved by SAP. Make sure the SAP Evaluation you select has a license because doing so will guarantee their competence.

The following are some skills that SAP must possess in order to perform its duties effectively. Examine if these relate to the

You will have both one-on-one and group meetings with clients. You will aid them in comprehending their addiction and the effects it is having on their lives. Together, you will create a strategy for helping them kick their addiction. This may entail counseling, medicine, and further forms of treatment.

As clients attempt to overcome their addictions, you will offer assistance. When they are having a hard time, you’ll be there to support them and work with them to overcome it. If you would like to learn more, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-683-7745.

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