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What Should You Avoid During the Time of Pregnancy?

by janeausten

Childbirth is really god’s greatest present. You might have to make some sacrifices during this time that are all worth it for your beloved unborn child. Maximum possible care must be taken to make sure that there is good health for both you and your child. There are numerous things that you may have to give up during the time of pregnancy. While some of them could be bad for your health in common anyway, some could be tough to give up on. Certainly, you can consult the right doctors for pregnancy and ensure that you are on the right track.

However, this post is going to share with you the different things that you should, as a pregnant woman, ought to be wary of or simply abstain from during the time of pregnancy. After all, once you know what you should definitely be avoiding during this precious and important time of pregnancy, you can better take care of such things. After all, it is about the health of your baby and you!

Just didge alcohol right away for some time 

Alcohol is among the must-avoid things once you are pregnant. Although simply a little in quantity might not actually cause much harm, too much of it is definitely highly risky for the overall health of the mother and even the baby. The alcohol you consume enters your bloodstream. Drinking during the time of your pregnancy can be really majorly harmful because the alcohol you consume simply crosses the placenta and hence reaches your baby. The developing liver of your baby cannot simply process it as efficiently as your body can. Too much alcohol massively raises your danger of miscarriage. It even increases the chance of the baby having a low birth weight. It could even cause fatal alcohol spectrum disorder that can trigger serious health problems for your baby, like heart defects and even behavioural disorders.

 You must avoid extreme heat

You know what, during the time of pregnancy make sure that you consume or drink plenty of water in warm conditions to keep you and even your baby much hydrated. This is not really the time to simply frequent steam bath or hot tubs that can raise the temperature of your body too high and harm the unborn baby. So, you have to make efforts to ensure that you are avoiding extreme heat. 

Give up on smoking 

Smoking is not at all good for you or even your baby. Cigarettes boost the risk of babies including low birth weight. Smoking can even increase the possibility of the baby being born prematurely or with that of respiratory issues. In extreme instances, expecting mothers’ smoking is associated with miscarriage and even sudden type of infant death syndrome (SIDS). So, make sure that you give it a break if you have been smoking for much time. you cannot simply take a risk of putting yourself or your baby at risk because of your smoking love.

Remember that for women who don’t really normally smoke, pregnancy is the final aversion therapy. Even a single type of whiff of tobacco can make you feel somewhat nauseated. But, for the otherwise steady smokers, it can be really more of a struggle to give up, mainly when there is the added level of stress of pregnancy. Now, you should know that the baby is your priority and every single smoke you don’t take is great news for your child. 

Try not to Stress

Of course, there is no doubt that stress is a part of regular life, but you know what, the more anxiety you can avoid the better your baby and you would be. it is going to be hard to control yourself from stressing out, but it is important. you have to make moves to ensure that you stay in a light mood. Try to avoid things or situations that trigger stress in your mind. also, if you know that something helps you stay away from stress, engage with that. for example, if you know that music helps you simply keep the stress at a distance, listen to it. the point is you have to ensure that you are not becoming a victim of stress, especially when you are pregnant. Certainly, a general type of stress is going to be sitting there at the back of your mind but don’t let it overpower your mind or spirit. It could have a bad impact on your baby and your overall health during pregnancy.

Never skip prenatal visits

Simply keep the best pregnancy delivery hospital in mind and ensure that you make doctors’ visits therein a priority during this pregnancy time. Avoiding such visits may mean that you miss something really important regarding the health of your growing and developing baby. You cannot simply miss out on anything that is crucial and for that, make sure that you are visiting the hospital regularly. This way, you can be much more confident about your overall health status. After all, the more vigilant and careful you are about your regular hospital visits and all; the better you can handle your pregnancy.

Dodge dangerous chemicals 

Well, chemicals in everyday or regular items such as food and even drink packaging, cleaning products, pesticides, and paint can also turn out to be dangerous for your baby and you during pregnancy. Try to dodge exposure to products and foods that could contain chemicals such as bisphenol A and even phthalates that might affect your unborn baby. These are important things pregnant females must avoid. Although coming in contact with different types of regular chemicals is inevitable, you must be aware of possible risks and even ensure that you take all the precautions you actually can.

Food you should say no to during pregnancy 

There is a quite long list of food and things that you should avoid during pregnancy’s first trimester. Certain types of cheese, even shellfish and most seafood, rare meat, and even caffeine are known to harm the time of pregnancy. Food that has bacteria should be dodged as they could trigger infections and even in extreme cases, heads to miscarriage, stillbirth or even infection in your newborn. Restraint over abstinence is the main ingredient in this phase. You must be aware of risks and even ensure that you take essential precautions.


To sum up, you should check out the best child hospital in Vijayawada and ensure that you talk to the doctors regularly while you keep your best care. Remember, once you avoid all the things discussed in this post, you would have a healthier and happier time during pregnancy.

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