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What Is Black Friday Called? History Of The Event And Its Meaning

by janeausten
Black Friday

Black Friday will soon be here and many will take advantage of this opportunity to start Christmas shopping early.

The day crossed the Atlantic has become almost as significant here as in the United States.

But where did it get its name? Here are the facts.

What Is Black Friday 2022?

Black Friday is always the Friday after Thanksgiving. This year, it will be Friday 25 November.

What Is Black Friday?

Black Friday, the day immediately following Thanksgiving in the United States, is the day when major retailers offer massive discounts on goods in what is widely considered the largest shopping day of the year.

Normal years, some stores open just before midnight. But most shops open at 5am or 6am. Customers queue up around the corner to grab a bargain.

Customers have often had to fight over highly-discounted products, resulting in chaos. On Black Friday, there have been seven deaths and 98 injuries in the US since 2006.

The rush to get online this Black Friday is more likely than ever, as Black Friday shoppers make their way online to shop. All non-essential retail outlets are currently closed in England.

It is called Black Friday.

This is when retailers turn a profit and move from “in red” to “in black”.

Another explanation is from the 1960s, when the Philadelphia Police Department used the phrase to describe chaos caused by congestion in pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

What Year Was Black Friday First Adopted In The Uk

Black Friday was first introduced earlier in the decade by Asda, a Walmart-owned company. As more retailers followed suit, including Tesco and Amazon as well as John Lewis and Argos,

However, 2014 saw police being called to the scene after a flurry of fights. People were trampled and attacked in many shops across the country while shoppers scrambled to find a bargain.

Asda has decided to stop participating in the day, along with others who are trying to downplay their event in an effort not to be seen.

Which Goods Are At A Discount?

Customers often take advantage of the huge price cuts to purchase a new TV, gaming console, or mobile phone.

It’s not just electronics, though, as the deals now extend to clothes, cosmetics and food.

Discounts aren’t just for high-street stores, but also online. Argos, Currys PC World and Amazon all start selling their products early.

Are There Black Friday Scams In Existence?

Online “bargains” are a scam this year, warns Shoppers

According to Action Fraud data, nearly 30,000 shoppers were scammed out of PS15.4m during the Christmas period.

28.049 people reported to the body that their identities had been manipulated in the time period between November 2020 and January 2021. This was almost two-thirds more than the 61% reported in the prior year. This figure is likely to be a fraction of those convicted, as victims are often too embarrassed or upset by being scammed to tell the truth.

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