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MISUMI Economy Series, Industrial Components at Lowest Price

by janeausten

As many industrial components seemingly gain and lose popularity overnight, companies need price flexibility that can steadily bring in the most profit.

That’s why MISUMI brings you the best quality thousands of Industrial Tools & Components and that too at low prices. Yes, you heard it right, you can get a wide range of components and tools from the MISUMI e-catalog. These products are highly durable and available in various parts numbers.

They have a dedicated team that keeps their customers informed about the latest products and inventions being made, helping to upgrade their products to meet innovation standards.

All you have to do is visit the official website of MISUMI India and the Economy Series section.

MISUMI Economy Series offers Engineering Excellence for India’s most demanding industries. Their Economy Series product range includes:


Ball Plungers, Posts, Double Post Type, Horizontal Toggle Clamps, Vertical Toggle Clamps, Push Pull Toggle Clamps, 20 Series Bracket, 30 Series Bracket, 45 Series Bracket, Caster, Frame Caps, Nuts, Concealed(invisible) joints, Slot cover, Adjuster Pad, Angle Plates, Accessory/Door Parts, Aluminum Frames, Conveyor component and belt, Jig accessories, Inspection and linear motion, Connecting Parts, Pneumatics and tube


Timing Pulley, Idler, Rollers, Ball Roller, Timing Belts, Anti-vibration, Flat belt Idler, Chain, Flexible Shaft Couplings, Sprocket, Flat belly Pulley, Spur Gear, Conveyer Timing Belts


Round Wire Springs, Cam Follower, Bearing Shaft Screws, Ball Bearings, Locating Pins, Bearings with Housings, Shock Absorber, Cam & Roller Followers, Machine Keys, Tension Spring, Post for Tension Spring, Disc Springs, Torsion Springs


Shaft Collar, Shaft Supports, Contact Probes, Oil Free Bushings, Linear Bushing, Micrometer Head, Standard Linear Guides, Support Units, Cable Carrier, Leveling Screws, Clamping Screw, Metal Collar, Lead Screws, Ball Screw, Actuators, Positioning Stage, Spring Plungers


Detachable Hinges, Handles, Knobs, Screws, Hinge Pins, Telescopic Slide Rails, Space Saving Bolts, Stopper Bolts, Indexing Plungers, Rod End Bearings


Heat Shrink Tubes, Tubes, One-Touch Couplings, Shim Tapes, Floating Joints, Solenoid Valves, Manual Switching Valves, Speed Controllers, Hand Valves, Suction Cups, O-Rings, Trims


Stepper Motors, Temperature Sensors, Cartridge Heaters, Proximity Sensors, Power Cables, Heat Insulating Plates

MISUMI began its operations in 2008, with the objective to produce and introducing the concept of industrial supply chains in India.

Advantages of MISUMI Economy Series Industrial Components

  1. Generate ProfitsBusinesses can increase their profits by raising prices or generating more revenue from lower prices.
  2. Sale Promotions – Consumers are often wary of bargains. As a result, running discount promotions increases sales by creating a rush for shoppers to get their hands on the deal when it’s available.

How to buy from MISUMI Industrial Components:

It’s very easy, all you have to do is first register your company in MISUMI. After successfully registering you can easily select your product or any specific part number of your product.

Then the quotation screen will return with pricing, ship dates, and a formal quote number.

After checking everything you can place your order. you can also contact to MISUMi Customer Care 0124-4688 800. They will help you to place an order or any other query.

Same Day Dispatch Facility:

This facility would be wanted by every customer. Because everyone wants to get their products as soon as possible so that there is no delay in their production line. MISUMI provides a same-day dispatch facility for its wide range of Industrial Components. They have an efficient logistics chain. Just order your product before 2 pm and your product which has a same-day facility will be handed over to the delivery person.

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