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How to Clean Steel Baby Bottles while Travelling

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Unclean and unkept bottles are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. Be it the bottles you use for refrigerating water, the one you carry to your gym or your baby’s feeding bottle. Specialists recommend cleaning the bottles thoroughly after use to prevent the penetration of germs and stay away from the ailments they cause. You should be extra cautious when it comes to cleaning and maintaining feeding bottles. 

We are sure you sterilize and clean your baby’s feeding bottle thoroughly after every use as a routine practice. Most of you may be having all the products and equipment to manage this task properly at home. But do you follow this practice even while you are traveling? We doubt it! If you find it difficult to clean steel feeding bottles on the go then this piece of writing is a must read for you. By the time you finish reading this article, you will learn how to clean these bottles with ease while traveling. You will also get a clear idea why this task should not be put off for later. So, read on.

Ways to Clean Steel Baby Bottles on the Go

We cannot emphasize enough on the fact that your baby’s feeding bottle should be cleaned thoroughly after every use. You must not ignore this essential task even while you are traveling. There are quite a few ways in which you can clean and sterilize steel feeding bottles on the go. Here is a quick look at each of them:

Wash with Hot Water

The simplest way to clean your baby’s bottle is with boiling water and liquid detergent. Boiling water can be arranged easily if you are traveling by your own vehicle or train. However, if you think it would be difficult to arrange then you may carry it along in a flask. In addition to this, pack a big bowl and bottle brush. Pour the water in the bowl and add some detergent. Immerse the bottle, nipple and cap in the vessel for a while. Next, use the bottle brush to scrub and deep clean. Rinse thoroughly and it is done.

Clean with Chemicals

You will get antibacterial solutions in the market to deep clean feeding bottles. They are absolutely safe to use. And the best part is that using them is quite easy even on the go. All you need to do is to dilute its content with water and immerse the bottle in it for a thorough cleaning. The pack comes with instructions. It is best to read them through to carry out the procedure properly.

You just require carrying a big bowl and water to immerse the bottle during the cleaning process.

Use Portable Electric Steam Sterilizer

You will get compact, easy to carry electric steam sterilizers in the market. They facilitate easy cleaning without much hassle while traveling. If you are a frequent traveler then it is advisable to buy a portable sterilizer as it comes handy on the go.

Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before use and follow them through.

Choose High Quality Steel Feeding Bottles

You can deep clean a feeding bottle using boiling water or in electric steam sterilizers only if it is high quality. Low quality ones often deform when exposed to extreme heat. Stainless steel baby bottles from a reputed feeding bottle manufacturer are the best choice. Make sure they are made with food grade stainless steel. Moreover, the silicon used for the nipple should be medically tested. If you want to use it on the go then be doubly sure that the cap is leak-proof.

Stainless steel bottles can easily be washed with soap and water and are ready for re-use. High quality ones do not retain any odour or flavour. 

Plastic feeding bottles should be strictly avoided. Not only are they difficult to clean on the go but can even cause health hazards otherwise.

The Need to Clean Feeding Bottles Immediately After Use

Many people carry 2-3 feeding bottles while travelling. This gives them the freedom to put away the bottles after use. They do not have to indulge in the tedious task of cleaning and sterilizing the bottle while traveling. They clean the bottles only after they reach their destination. This may save them some hassle while travelling but is it a right practice? No! You may keep your stainless steel bottle filled with water for 2-3 days. You may avoid cleaning it while traveling and rinse it later. However, you cannot follow the same when it comes to steel feeding bottles. You must clean them immediately. Many of you may argue that you won’t feed the baby with an unclean bottle and that you will clean it thoroughly before use. But the damage would have already been done by then. Germs and bacteria grow quickly on feeding bottles. And you may not be able to get rid of them even after thorough cleaning.

We all know how vulnerable new borns and toddlers are to infections. Their immune systems are still under developed. Thus, it is imperative to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. The possibility of falling ill increases if we do not clean the bottles properly after every use.

To conclude, you cannot put the task of cleaning feeding bottles for later. Doing so  can put your baby’s health at risk. A feeding bottle must be cleaned thoroughly after use even while you are traveling. And the task is not that difficult. You just need to carry a few products to accomplish this task on the go. You can do so with boiling water and mild detergent. If this seems like a hassle then you can carry a portable electric sterilizer along. If you are a frequent traveler then it is advisable to buy a portable sterilizer as it comes handy on the go. Besides, do not forget to purchase a good quality baby feeding bottle to ensure your baby’s health and safety.

Do let us know if you require further help in this regard. We shall be glad to answer your queries.

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