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Gum Bleaching: A Painful, Ineffective Procedure

by janeausten
Gum Bleaching

Gum bleaching is how dentists would try to remove gum pigmentation in the past — the keyword there being tried. Using painful lasers, dentists would literally burn away an entire layer of the gum tissue in the hopes of getting rid of the melanocytes (which create the pigment). Sadly, this procedure often leaves teeth sensitive, and sometimes it doesn’t even work. Here are some much better ways to deal with gum pigmentation if you want them gone, but don’t want to go through this process.


In the past, gum bleaching was a tried and ineffective procedure that would burn away an entire layer of gum tissue in hopes of getting rid of the melanocytes. Nowadays, dentists use lasers to resurface the gum tissue in a more painless way. The process is called gum laser therapy and it can be done at our office with a series of treatments to eliminate any color from the tissues.

What is Gum Bleaching?

The process of gum bleaching is a less-than-ideal solution for those who are dealing with the embarrassment that comes along with dark gums. Dentists would apply a chemical to the teeth and gums in order to lighten them. However, this process would also cause some side effects like burnt tissues, severe sensitivity, and even pain. Not only is it ineffective but it’s also quite painful. Most people have avoided this procedure because of these negative effects and have turned to more natural treatments instead.


Multifocal Pigmentation

The Problem with Gum Bleaching:

So why is it that dentists have continued to use this painful and ineffective procedure for so long? The answer is pretty simple — they’re lazy. They don’t want to take the time to learn how to do a gum graft, so they just resort to the fastest and easiest thing they know how to do. But while it may be easier in the short term, it’s not better for you in the long run. So start doing your research today on gum grafting and stop putting up with gum bleaching! It won’t make any difference if you still go ahead with gum bleaching and end up needing gum grafts anyway, but at least then it will be because you made an informed decision about what to do.


In the past, people would try to bleach their gums. Dentists would burn away a layer of the gum tissue in the hopes of getting rid of melanocytes. It is a painful and ineffective procedure that can lead to the need for extensive dental work. So there you have it — gum bleaching isn’t worth it.

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