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How to wear sneakers for office women?

by janeausten

Change is beautiful, a common saying. It is not just words rolled up to impress someone but the reality. Look at your office wardrobe, it has been changed from a strict dress code to very simple looks. Your boss is not taking you to the corner and telling you these accessories, are not acceptable for the office look. This show that change becomes the reliable constant of life.

This article is for women who have always been interested in knowing if sneakers are good to go for the office and to answer so many other questions related to the latest trends HAMODA in the trainer’s industry. If you are ready to start let’s dig into it.

Everyone is well aware of the importance of footwear. Shoes are always been an important accessory when it comes to style. You can neglect a person’s dress but not the shoes.  And when it comes to office wear your personality is more described by your shoes other than the attire.

It’s been a long time since sneakers have been added to any office wardrobe. They are not only accepted but encouraged if selected properly. Now you can safely swap your high heels, and platform with the trainers. The question arises of how to select work shoe sneakers.

Let’s try to solve this puzzle.

There is no doubt about it sneakers are accepted in the corporate world in the twenty-first century with wide arms opened than in the past but there are a few rules or instructions you need to follow.

Pro tip: Jogging trainers are different than office wear. Try to choose some simple sneakers rather than metallic ones with natural colors.

To discuss the most asked questions I sat with a podiatrist and I hope you will find it insightful regarding the best women’s footwear in the office. Sneakers are the most comfortable and stylish footwear in the current footwear industry other than the old office wear of high heels, she said. The young women entering the corporate world are trying new looks with the most comfortable shoes and it’s a good sign of acceptance and development.

In answering about the best material for office trainers, she says that leather-based trainers are a good option to choose from other than the shiny stilettoes, the metallic ones. Those are not only breathable but also provide the required support and comfort to your feet. Leather-based sneakers help you to keep your bones in the proper condition. It also reflects your status as a working lady.

When we discuss the queries with a style artist, she answered sneakers are gaining interest and people’s attention because of the style and aura they carry with them. While giving them a purchase please keep in mind to choose some natural color sneakers like black, white, navy, and gray trainers.  Invest in sneakers with low treads to reflect your workforce environment rather than ones with strong treads which shows you to at a sports event. She further continued, always keep your office and gym sneakers separate. They both are different you don’t want to look a fool at a workplace with jogging sneakers. One must have to pay attention while making a purchase and also keep them separate because you can’t have the courage to wear some dirty play speakers at the work.

We also take some ideas from girls already using trainers in their offices and the results were amazing. I am sharing one of those in it so you get a better idea of how to style your workplace sneakers.

One digital writer, as I work in a creative space and the dress code is much more lenient than others so I don’t have to think much before choosing a pair of sneakers but I usually pair my black sneakers with a black jacket and tailored slacks. They not only add elegance but also ensure comfort for a day long.

With the above-mentioned ideas,  I choose a few sneakers for you that you may want to add to your office wardrobe.

Cicero Sneakers

These unisex Cicero winter sneakers are almost the same as described by the digital editor. These faux leather, upper mesh sneakers come in four different shades with a black base. You can choose one out of these. The upper mesh makes it not only breathable but stylish on the go. And the EVA insole will provide you with full-day comfort.

Kappy Light Sneakers

From the very start, everyone is emphasizing to have a white pair of sneakers. With that idea, I suggest Kappy white light sneakers in London are the best choice to make. These are leather-based, EVA insole material and cotton fabric lining trainers. Available in three colors, white, red, and black. They will give you head turns when dressed properly with jeans and blazer combo to skirts and dresses.

Now most of us think that we don’t need to go with bright colors sneakers in the office and it’s right for some instances but if one finds it attractive to go with then I get a suggestion from one of the research assistants who always explore new things and she gave me some beautiful advice and I like to share it with you too. I get a pair of bright-colored sneakers from one of my best friends. I never think to try them in the office but when I style them with black jeans and a top. They made my day because they also help me to hit the city after.

For some style experiment women, I pick one such pair for you to experiment with. Just have a look and make a decision.

Kayak Sneakers

These Kayak sneakers in Hartlepool come in three shades white, orange and green. They are best for you in bright colors if you are a fashion designer or have some creative job. The chunky sole will not only add a few inches to your height and give you a stylish comfy look this winter. Style them with some soft color dresses, especially long ones. They will surely give you head turns.

Tip of the day: There is no doubt about it trainers are making their place in in-work places but the important thing to keep in mind is not to wear once white now gray trainers. Put a keen interest in cleaning your trainers. Don’t go to clean them with a piece of clothing rather invest in sneakers wipes. Use shoe boxes to protect your pair from dust and make sure your wardrobe is clean. After all your final look reflects your personality. Will see you in some other blog with amazing ideas for women’s leather trainers. Till then give them a chance and upgrade your wardrobe!

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