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What are the benefits of SharePoint Services?

by janeausten
What are the benefits of SharePoint Services?

In addition to the online storage and management of documents, important advantages of SharePoint Services are good security, version management, central news and information provision, publishing websites and facilitating better collaboration.


With SharePoint Services, your employees can share documents and collaborate within a secure online environment. You can securely share documents with external parties , such as customers, suppliers or partners and easily build portals.

Version control

In a traditional folder structure you do not always have an overview of the different versions and the document history. SharePoint stores relevant information with each file, with the context of the document. Also read the blog about SharePoint as an advanced document management system .

Central news and information provision

Information and news that is sent via e-mail is not always read and quickly disappears in the trash or somewhere at the bottom of the inbox. SharePoint is the place to share important information, make it accessible and findable for all employees. Read more in the blog how SharePoint as a social intranet can ensure engagement and culture preservation.

Collaborate more effectively

We are increasingly working together in multidisciplinary teams, from different locations. SharePoint offers employees the opportunity to contact each other via a portal. Sharepoint, Teams and OneDrive also form a strong combination

SharePoint is part of Office 365 and offers a secure environment to store and share files . You can easily share documents with contacts outside your organization, such as customers or suppliers. And of course, multiple users can collaborate on one document at the same time. This makes the solution indispensable if you want to share knowledge within an organization, if you want to work together and if safety is paramount.

Do you work with Microsoft Teams ? When a new Team (working environment within Microsoft Teams) is created, it will automatically receive a team site. Safe and easy to use .

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SharePoint: intranet or communication portal

The solution is also very suitable for creating an intranet or communication portal , for an extranet or websites. You share news, knowledge or other matters with the entire organization on a communication site or intranet . You simply authorize certain groups to edit pages, add news or just read. A portal (extranet) is particularly suitable for exchanging information with external parties , such as suppliers and customers.

Grip on access

Security is a top priority for Microsoft. Office 365 requires a strong password and multi-level authentication.

Secure access for external users

Share files securely and collaborate easily in SharePoint. All users need is an Office 365 account.

Anywhere access to files

Users always have access to SharePoint files and libraries, through Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Process automation

With Sharepoint you can automate various administrative processes and create intuitive self-service portals.

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