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Swimming Programs


Swimming in the Y helps people thrive, in and out of the water. Swimming is not only a healthy activity that exercises the whole body. It is also a skill that can save and enrich lives. The Y strives to help people of all ages learn to swim. So they can stay safe around the water and learn the skills necessary to make swimming a healthy lifelong pursuit.

The Y has been the nation’s leader in swimming instruction and aquatic exercise for over 100 years. Whether you’re looking for swim lessons, swim teams, aquatic exercise classes. Or just enjoy swimming laps, you’ll find what you’re looking for at one of our pools!

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Use the quick links below to find current swim programs and activities:

  • Swim Lessons: We offer swim lessons for all ages and abilities that help develop swimming proficiency, confidence, and endurance.
  • Aquatic Fitness Classes: Take your workout into the pool with a low-impact or challenging aquatic fitness class! From Aqua Fit to Aqua Zumba, we offer a variety of class options led by engaging instructors.
  • Swim Teams: YMCA swim teams provide a fun and challenging environment for young swimmers who can already demonstrate basic skills and are ready to take those skills to the next level!
  • Masters Swim: The YMCA Masters Swim Program is a structured lap swim training designed to help avid swimmers of various skill levels improve their stroke, form, skill, endurance and endurance.

Why buy a swimming pool with a current counter?

The best physical exercise

Countercurrent unit works by producing a current that mimics the river. Strong enough to swim in, so swimmers use it in a variety of ways, including serious swimming training. Improving swimming techniques, exercising therapy and relaxation or just for fun.

The strength of the current is controlled by the pool owner. Who can adjust it to suit the needs of the swimmers.

Swimming against the current of the pool: the most recommended form of physical activity

For many, this is the most recommended form of physical activity because the waves produce minimal impact on the joints. And this means that the body does not tire quickly if you swim directly in the sea.

In addition to the fact that practicing swimming regularly produces improvements in the physical condition of the muscular and cardiovascular systems. It will also help in the rehabilitation of various injuries (obviously without performing miracles, of course). For this to be effective, you must stretch before entering the pool. In addition to adopting the correct posture, without forcing yourself.

The countercurrent system allows you to create your own personal training plan

In this way, by using the generated electricity, you swim in place. Even with great effort. thanks to the efficiency of swimming endurance training. If the current doesn’t seem strong enough, you can increase it by rotating the nozzle.

Therefore, if you are looking for an efficient opportunity to swim in your own garden. Even with large pools, you will reach the end of each relatively quickly and must permanently turn around.

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