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Design is a Method of Solving Problems

by janeausten
Web Designer

So what is good design and who is the designer in the project? There are many misconceptions about this, so I will try to dispel them now. Bruce Murphy, designer at inGenious Guru: All around us see a lot of things done by us, designers, and performing or solving the same problem. Be it a chair, a front door, an interface or a brochure. Therefore, design, first of all, is a business tool. However, this does not mean that the designer must exactly fulfill the tasks of the manual. In addition to understanding business, he has a sense of beauty and a desire for simplification. It helps evaluate ideas and make the right decisions.

What is good design?

In the 80s, Dieter Rams identified 10 key principles of good design that are still relevant today.

Good design is:

  • innovative
  • user-friendly
  • aesthetic
  • user-friendly
  • non-intrusive
  • honest
  • up-to-date
  • thought out to the last detail
  • ecological

And finally, good design is as little design as possible. Therefore, having received the concept of the product, think about how it can be improved, simplified or made more interesting for the user. The designer must remember that each change involves not only his resources, but also the resources of the company. It takes time away from tasks that could be spent doing more important things. Before proposing a new interface, consider whether it will stand the test of time. “Design thinking”

This is the name of the method of developing products, services and focused on the user and consisting of 6 stages.


Is the ability to put you in the shoes of a user or another person and understand their feelings, desires, and ideas?


Focusing is a transitional stage when you need to process the information received in order to understand the big picture and highlight the most important and most important thing, as well as formulate your question.

Idea Generation

At this stage, you need to focus on developing ideas. No need to cut off ideas, write down everything that comes to your mind. This might come in handy.

The choice of idea

From all invented and generated. Now you need to choose the most suitable idea for the criteria of your task.


Create a prototype without spending a lot of time on it.

The test is inextricably linked with prototyping. Get user feedback with the prototypes you create. So you can understand whether your idea works or needs to be finalized.

The reality is that young companies do not have the resources for testing, so they need to launch the product as soon as possible and look at user reactions. There may not be a reaction, and the number of users is decreasing. Once I received a task that I need to change the city selection pop-up window, since people leave after it appears. I analyzed the actions of site visitors and identified a problem – this pop-up window did not have the ability to close it. The user could come in for informational purposes and discover a malfunction that will obviously spoil the impression of the site.

Who is this designer?

A designer is a tool that makes a product more efficient, more convenient and easier for the user, and a business more profitable.

Prove that your decisions are not a stream of creativity, but a clear, well-thought-out plan, the implementation of which will bring benefits. Remember that the result of your work is not an assessment of colleagues, but business indicators. Get out of the comfortable design world and improve the industry.

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