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Can Zebra Blinds Make You Achieve A Classy Tone Back In Your Home?

by janeausten
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Since window blinds’ birth, the world has considered wood blinds and Venetian blinds along with roman blinds as the standard window blinds. although, blinds like roller blinds and vertical blinds have also been here for a while now.

The tilt slats’ functionality is considered the standard and trademark of window blinds. many window blinds are well popular without even having these slats’ functionalities.

Roller blinds are the top pick here. No introduction is needed for them. They are even more well-reputed than standard blinds like wood blinds and Venetian blinds.

Roller Blinds are roller blinds, they can roll to adjust. Rolling functionality is a core and hence there are many kinds of roller blinds. zebra blinds are a relatively new addition to the roller blinds family.

A bit more enhanced in looks and importantly in functionality.

So, can zebra blinds make you achieve a classy tone back in your home?

Zebra Blinds Are The Most Superior Kind Of Roller Blinds

They are also roller blinds but as I said they are a bit more upgraded, and a bit more valuable than the rest of the window blinds.

Just like standard roller blinds, zebra blinds do also have a single panel of fabric-based materials. But unlike standard ones, zebra blinds’ panel has a much longer length.

Because this is where the superior functionality of zebra blinds came by. Due to the length of the zebra blinds’ panel, it tends to loop around two top and bottom tubes to turn into two separate back-and-forth layers.

The front layer is attached to a rolling tube which makes it capable to roll around the tube. The layer at the backend is statically attached to the backend of the rolling tube by looping through the bottom tube or bar.

This mechanism allows the panel to roll up and down to adjust. But the standard roller blinds also roll, so, why so much complexity in zebra blinds?

This is because the zebra blinds’ panel is single but like standard roller blinds. it reflects the name of these blinds.

Just like zebras, zebra blinds also do have alternate solid and sheer stripes, throughout their panel. Due to the loop and back and forth effect.

These alternate stripes move vertically in the front panels’ stripes. Due to this, the front layers’ stripes overlap the backend layers’ stripes.

Zebra Blinds Can Be Superior In Light And Privacy Management

There is an overlapping among front and backend layer stripes due to a continuous loop, that zebra blinds have as a plus point over standard roller blinds.

This makes the sense of light and privacy control. By aligning the overlapping mindfully, you will have either light filtering or privacy management.

But how do zebra blinds work to manage light and privacy?

by aligning the solid stripes over the backend layer sheer stripes you will able to block all the possible passage of light and hence you will have ultimate privacy there.

Zebra blinds are just superb in light filtering, which is due to the alignment of sheer stripes. Align the sheer stripes over each other, this will allow the doubling of sheer stripes back and forth.

Even one single sheer stripe has a bit of opacity and when it doubles up with another sheer one, elevates the opacity and hence rises the light filtering.

For a view outside, zebra blinds can also do just what standard roller blinds do. They rise up completely rolling up. 

High-End Energy-Efficiency

Just like roller blinds, zebra blinds are also quite impressive in insulation. It is better to say that these zebra blinds outclass normal roller blinds in this case because they are rightfully an enhanced version of roller blinds.

Also, because of the back-and-forth layering of these blinds make them more impressive here too. Zebra blinds are synthetically made just normal roller blinds.

They can be impressive in insulation, no matter if it is cold outside or hot.

Also, there is something more valuable. A right to call them upgraded ones. Zebra blinds also offer an immense level of UV protection and glare reduction.

Aligning the sheer stripes back and forth will allow you to have that capability. Sheer stripes when doubled blocks out harmful UV rays very impressively.

Zebra Blinds Are Durable And Convenient

Just like standard roller blinds, these blinds also offer immense ease. Like roller blinds, zebra blinds are also synthetic materials-based, and hence, waterproof.

Being waterproof is a seal for durability and convenience which is absent in major window blinds like wood blinds because they are not synthetic but rather are real wood based, and wood can get damaged when exposed to water quite often.

That’s why major blinds like wood blinds are not as convenient as zebra blinds but no way zebra blinds can match the class of wood blinds.

Due to their synthetic nature, zebra blinds are very easy to clean and maintain. When there is a need for intense cleaning you can simply uninstall them and clean them by hand in your bathtub or wherever you like.

Minimal efforts are required to maintain them to be a last-long window blind. They are vertical so didn’t let the room for dust or dirt settle.

With such minimal maintaining efforts, Zebra Blinds can last long for decades.

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