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Best Window Blinds For Tall Windows

by janeausten

Tall windows are always more appealing and useful than small windows. Nowadays, almost every other modern interior mainly has tall windows as standard. Window blinds are certainly a better option, no matter if the window is small or big.

Window blinds have a huge lineup, you can cover each of your needs from their lineup alone. Versatility and flexibility are at the roots of window blinds, so, there is no one regretting having window blinds.

There are two sides of Window Blinds, one is synthetic and one is natural material-based. The synthetic side is the cheaper side than the natural material-based side.

So, which are the best window blinds for tall windows?

Roman Blinds

These are on the expensive side of window blinds, but totally worth it. Roman blinds are traditional ones in the window blinds lineup, hence the most luxurious ones.

They may be not the first ones to appear to the world but surely among the oldest of window blinds. Backed with a luxurious tone that is certainly unmatched.

Many people them with roller blinds. When both are flat down, it is hard to spot the difference. Things going to become different when these window blinds start working.

As the name goes, roller blinds roll up and down, while on the other hand, roman blinds pleat up beautifully stacking over each other.

Roman blinds can be controlled through cords and can be even cordless. Prices surely gonna vary in both cases.

The reason why roman blinds are ideal for tall windows is that they are vertically functional. And hence doesn’t just look good on tall windows, but enables tall windows to have an impactful functionality.

Because of this, roman blinds can be considered the right alternative to luxurious and expensive curtains.

Roller Blinds

They are the Supremes as tall windows covering. Roller blinds are on the synthetic side of window blinds and hence, quite impressively affordable.

Roller blinds are even not like standard window blinds like wood blinds and Venetian blinds. There is a bit of window shades touch.

Rather than tilting slats functionality, roller blinds have a single panel that is fabric-based and can roll up and down through a tube at their very tube. The panel rolls as the tube rolls.

The tube rolls as the cords are pulled but roller blinds can also be cordless too. And when roller blinds are cordless there be hidden cords because for working roller blinds don’t depend upon the cords.

Roller blinds are not just ideal but also a very convenient window blinds option for tall windows as well. Just because they are synthetic, that’s why there is no damage fear from water and moisture.

Which surely leads the natural materials-based window blinds to devastate.

Roller blinds align very sleekly with tall windows, and hence when there is the right material, roller blinds are very good in light-filtering and privacy as well as blackout needs.

Vertical Blinds

Just like roller blinds, vertical blinds are also supreme as a right window blinds option for tall windows. Like roman and roller blinds, vertical blinds are also vertically appealing as their name.

Rather than having horizontal slats they have in them vertically positioned slats, so they work horizontally.

This change in slats’ position may favor them while covering tall windows sleekly, but somehow it makes quite an average window blind option for light filtering.

Vertical blinds can also be a cheap alternative to expensive curtains and provide almost the same appeal. Also, like curtains, vertical blinds can also be bunched and sided to one part of the windows.

Vertical Blinds can be a great, versatile, and importantly affordable option for tall windows.

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