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Ammonia Free Hair Colours For Healthy and Silky Smooth

by janeausten

Ammonia disturbs the pH balance of the hair and also causes moisture and protein loss in the hair. So, if you want to maintain healthy hair after colouring, consider using ammonia free hair colours.One should consider natural dyes as a much safer version to experiment with. These hair colours have no side effects and can provide health to hair and scalp.They are made of natural ingredients.

Ammonia-free hair colour is helpful for those with sensitive skin and hair. As it is considered as a gentle colour and works as hair softer, smoother. It not only nourishes the hair, it also gives it a silky smooth finish, and protects the natural moisture of hair.

It can be said as a permanent colour as it gives a long lasting effect and prevents dryness. It is an ideal solution to hide all grey hair of yours. It also helps the hair to look thicker and healthier which is getting thinner with aging.

The hair colour that looks natural after applying is the deal to go for. This is why neutrals have become so popular. Ammonia free hair colour offers a wide range of natural-looking hair shades, like bronde, ash blonde and ash brown hair. 

This product is perfect for those millions of women around the world who are looking for complete coverage and healthy hair. Ammonia Free Hair Color, allows you to stay ahead of the trends without using harsh chemicals.

These colours feed the scalp and shield your hair from the unfavourable side effects like irritation, itching, dandruff etc. 

The below mentioned steps can be beneficial to you for maintaining the shiny hair:

  1. Use colour shampoo once a week. 
  2. Always rinse hair with cold water. 
  3. Use a silk or satin pillowcase.
  4. Use a nice bristle brush. 

Final Words

Indus Valley hair colour has been specifically crafted for allergy-prone and highly sensitive skin. The treatment works on the volume by providing the right amount of  moisture to the hair. Afterwards, the hair is steamed which helps improve absorption of moisture from the treatment formula to the hair.

A combination of organic and  safe moisturises the hair so well which helps the hair to look silky soft.There is no harm in using these organic, natural hair colours. When applied to hair, it results in a silky smooth , harm free. The shine is long lasting and the moisturiser nourishes the hair, pretty well.

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