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Wedding Buses Prices in the UK

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There is a large selection of classic and antique buses available for wedding and event rental, and their popularity is growing due to the low cost of such a vehicle. Because rates fluctuate often, we recommend booking early, up to a year in advance, due to high demand.

Wedding buses are a one-of-a-kind option to transport the wedding party and huge groups of guests to the church and reception site. First Choice Wedding Cars Ltd can arrange a variety of traditional, classic, double-deck, and single-deck London buses, as well as some rare and distinctive vintage types. To view the current range for Wedding Buses Hire prices.

Price of Different Buses

Wedding Bus 

Bus prices must consider various aspects; Prices for classic and vintage buses might vary widely, but a beginning hire fee of £500.00 should be considered. However, as previously stated, this is usually the bare minimum you should anticipate paying depending on the entire itinerary. At the same time, an itinerary or journey request may appear simple to the client; there are other factors to consider when determining the price for a wedding or event.

First and foremost, the overall distance and driving time must be considered; not only does this affect the price in terms of how much fuel will be used, but it also determines how much the driver and possibly other members of the crew will be paid; there are also legal working/driving hours to be considered. The public may not realise how much time is needed before a bus leaves a depot and after a job for cleaning, documentation, etc.

It is critical to determine the route a bus will follow before determining the length of hiring and the suitability and confidence that the journey can be completed. Timings must also be carefully considered; in general, a bus travels more slowly than the average automobile, thus even though the distance between destinations appears to be short, this must be accounted for when estimating pickup and arrival times.

We are often asked to make multiple trips to different locations; if the distance and travel time are short, such as a few miles and 10 minutes or so, then this can be done; however, any longer than that and it becomes impractical, especially from the customer’s perspective; you don’t want your wedding guests to have to wait 30 to 40 minutes or longer for their wedding transport to return from the. When circumstances like this arise, it is a good idea to rent more than one bus.

Other Classic Buses

Several traditional Red Routemaster buses operate in and around London. Still, if you explore farther afield, you will find a greater variety of classic buses available for events and London wedding car hire. What’s pleasant and appealing about these buses is that they’re distinct from the typical all-red buses and offer more color options, with Green, Cream, Red and Cream, and White being a few notable examples. Another issue that is frequently considered, particularly about the color scheme, is potentially the wedding color scheme, but more commonly aiming to match or obtain a suitable contrast to the color of the wedding car being utilised.

A double-deck bus may occasionally be unable to reach specific places or highways, in which case single-deck variants come into their own. The passenger capacity may be reduced, but the vintage quirkiness and charm of 1940s Bedfords, 1960s Bristols, or AEC RF models go perfectly with a retro-themed wedding or event.

Vintage Buses

Then there are the vintage (and classic) single-deck buses. The popularity of vintage buses for wedding transportation cannot be overstated. Whether or not your wedding has a retro theme, these vintage buses always look the part while providing a practical alternative for transporting wedding guests, relatives, bridesmaids, and others to and from your wedding site.

The Red AEC models (shown below) are single-deck versions of the double-deck Red London bus. In contrast, the 1940’s Bedfords and Bristols are out-and-out classic/vintage models, commonly seating anywhere from 20 to 40 passengers, though we can also arrange a 1937 Bedford WS that seats just 11.


Modern executive coach hire is another choice for wedding and event transportation that is occasionally selected. Modern coaches are frequently favored since they are more adaptable in terms of access to destinations and venues, and can handle small roads more easily.

This mode of transportation can also give passengers a more pleasant journey, frequently with restroom facilities and the capacity to serve soft and hot drinks. This can be especially useful for longer, more time-consuming journeys, as well as if a big amount of luggage must be carried.

Often, a modern coach will be reserved exclusively for an evening return ride from the reception site to a hotel(s) or a predetermined drop-off place. This is typical because the vast majority of classic and antique buses, according to the nature of the vehicles, will not conduct late-night service due to lighting, comfort, temperature, etc. Like previous buses, coaches exist in various capacity sizes; a micro coach may only seat 20 – 30 people, but a full-size coach can seat more than 50 people.


You can easily book your wedding chauffeur hiring services online. A large luxury wedding bus will cost more than a little wedding vehicle from Local, a nearby wedding car rental company. We also want to inform you that the bus and coach rates are estimates.

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