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Cleaning After Renovation

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Cleaning After Renovation

You may need to clean your home after renovation. To begin the cleaning process, you need to sweep and vacuum the floors. You should also make sure to clean under the furniture and curtains. Then, you need to clean every corner of your home. You can use any type of vacuum cleaner to complete the job. Make sure to vacuum everything to get rid of any loose dust and debris.

Post-renovation cleaning checklist

裝修後清潔 is a daunting task, so it’s a good idea to enlist the help of friends and family. They can help you complete the task faster and will be able to spot any things you might have missed. Make sure to use a checklist for a thorough clean. The final phase is all about decluttering and removing debris left behind by builders. The key is to start with the ceiling, and work your way down to the floors.

The first step is to clean up the dust and debris. The renovation process can release a lot of toxins and dust. These include mold spores, silicates, and ultrafine dust. In addition, fresh paints and primers can release toxic fumes. To avoid exposure to these toxins, make sure to clean up all surfaces as soon as possible.

Using a shop vac is a great way to remove debris that’s left over after renovation. Start by running the vac over the entire renovation area. Once it reaches the floor, vacuum all soft surfaces and every cushion and underlying frame.

Tools to use

You’ll want to have a few tools handy when cleaning after a home renovation. While a vacuum cleaner is a good choice for removing dirt, you will probably also need brooms and towels. A vacuum cleaner has the power to pick up dust, so it’s an excellent choice for cleaning large areas. A mop can also be useful for removing small particles of dirt.

You’ll also want to wear protective gear. Besides a pair of rubber-soled shoes, you should also wear a dust mask and eye protection. A pressure washer can also save you time and money. These devices have adjustable pressure settings, so you can clean areas without causing damage. Also, they’ll get rid of stubborn dirt, so you won’t have to spend hours scrubbing with a garden hose.

Dust is another major issue that you need to tackle after a renovation. This is because dust can be tracked back into your home from the construction site. So, removing dust from your home’s air filters is one of the most important cleaning tasks after a renovation.

Cost of hiring a professional service

The cost of hiring a professional cleaning service after renovation can vary greatly. It depends on the extent of the work, size and condition of your home, and the supplies used. It may also depend on your geographic location and the experience of the company you choose. Deep cleaning will cost more than light cleaning. On average, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home can run between $275 and $899 for post-construction cleanup.

Regardless of the cleaning service you choose, you’ll want to choose a company that’s insured and bonded. This protects you and their workers. Similarly, you can choose a company based on its reputation for providing quality service. Make sure to ask for references and read customer reviews.

Depending on the scale of your renovation, the cost of a post-construction clean-up may range from $650 to $1100 for a large residential property, to $350 for a smaller one. Prices vary widely from area to area, but most are in the middle. In addition to the cleaning costs, keep in mind that competition in your area will also play a role. Some companies will charge lower rates while others will charge higher.

Time it takes to clean

A thorough cleaning is essential after a major home renovation. The process can take a lot of time and may require more cleaning products than you can buy at a grocery store. It is also very labor intensive, so if you plan on spending a lot of time cleaning up after renovation, it is a good idea to hire a professional cleaning crew to do it for you.

Before cleaning up after renovation, you should ensure that you wear protective gear. The dust and debris that is left behind during renovation will easily spread to other parts of your house. The construction contractors will use plastic covers and sweep the floors, but dust and debris will still find its way into your home. Hence, you should turn on the air filter to absorb dust.

After renovation, you may be eager to spend some time in your newly renovated home. You may want to show off your newly renovated room or relax in it. However, this isn’t possible until you have cleaned all the dust and debris left behind by the contractors. The renovation process releases a lot of toxins and dust particles. These include silicates, mold spores, and ultrafine dust. Additionally, the newly applied paint and primers will release fumes.

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